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University of Bridgeport and Bridgeport Public Schools Announce “Bridgeport’s Brightest” Scholarship for Local Graduates

Collaboration will yield significant scholarship, covering most of tuition cost for Bridgeport’s 2024 graduates.

University of Bridgeport (UB) is excited to announce a new scholarship, “Bridgeport’s Brightest,” to support 2024 high school graduates of Bridgeport public high schools as they pursue their higher education. With this initiative, UB’s yearly tuition will be reduced to $7,000 for commuters, or $12,500 for residential students that includes room and board. This scholarship could significantly reduce or eliminate out-of-pocket expenses for students eligible for Federal Pell Grants or CT state grants. The result of the collaboration and deepening relationship between University of Bridgeport and Bridgeport Public Schools, the Bridgeport’s Brightest Scholarship Program centers around addressing complications students faced this year resulting from the rollout of the new FAFSA application.

FAFSA applications are down almost 15% year-over-year in Connecticut, and according to the National College Attainment Network (NCAN), underserved and minority students are most affected. NCAN is raising concerns about what this might mean for students who rely on financial aid to afford a college education.

UB’s President, Dr. Danielle Wilken, and Bridgeport’s Superintendent, Dr. Carmela Levy-David, met this challenge and worked together to find a solution for 2024 Bridgeport public high school graduates who may be negatively impacted by the lack of access to financial aid for the 2024-2025 school year and beyond. The solution? Bridgeport’s Brightest — a four-year renewable scholarship program. Bridgeport’s Brightest Scholarship will greatly reduce the financial burden on local students wanting to earn their college degrees.

“We are deeply committed to investing in our local community and fostering the next generation of life-long learners,” shared President Wilken. “By partnering with Bridgeport Public Schools, we aim to provide more students with the resources and support they need to pursue higher education,” she said. “This scholarship is not just an investment in individual futures but also in the future of our community as a whole.”

Dr. Levy-David emphasized the impact this scholarship opportunity could have on local students, their families, and the city, saying, “Bridgeport Public Schools is proud to join University of Bridgeport in supporting our students to change their lives in one generation through their access to higher learning. This partnership ensures that students will continue to have equitable access to a brighter future in the city they call home.”

UB is using a combination of grants, scholarships, and institutional aid to ensure that as many Bridgeport high school graduates have access to a UB education as possible. Access to quality higher education ensures more underrepresented groups can succeed academically and professionally; it is the key to realizing equity and breaking the cycles of generational poverty.

“I’m thrilled to know that University of Bridgeport is offering a renewable four-year scholarship to Bridgeport’s 2024 high school graduates,” said Bridgeport Mayor Joe Ganim, sharing in the enthusiasm for this collaboration. “Providing quality education to Bridgeport students is always high on our list of priorities in this City, and because of this, we’re grateful for the support University of Bridgeport is now offering to our graduates for the upcoming academic year.” Ganim continued, “I’m certain this will inspire local students and help them understand that higher education is obtainable with the financial assistance provided through the University.”

To learn more about University of Bridgeport and hear directly from Dr. Wilken and Dr. Levy-David about this transformative scholarship opportunity watch below!