Suschna Scott

Alumni Spotlight: Suschna Scott

Hometown: St. John’s, Antigua, and Bristol, Connecticut
Current Town: Watertown, Connecticut
Graduating Year: 2010
Major: Fashion Merchandising

Why did you decide to study at UB? 
Being the oldest and the first-generation college student in my family, going to college was important to me, but I wasn’t ready to leave home and move out of state. I talked to my guidance counselor in high school and told him about my passion for fashion. From there, I knew UB was right for me because they had a fashion merchandising program, close to home, close to New York, and the opportunity to transfer my part-time job. Having everything fall in place gave me the confidence to tell my parents this was the next step towards my continuation of higher education.

What was your best memory from UB? 
Wow, there are honestly too many to choose from! My very first favorite experience was moving on campus. I remember like it was yesterday, with my entire family loaded up in the car driving down to Bridgeport. My parents were impressed by how the fellow UB soccer team was helping each freshman move into their dorm rooms. Lastly, I also recall spending time at Seaside Park after lunch with my best friend from high school. Having such a beautiful oceanfront to enjoy was a great aspect of living on campus.

What are you up to now?
After UB, I decided to further my education and completed an associate degree in Accounting, a second bachelor’s in Business Administration with a minor in Accounting, and a master’s in Accounting. I am blessed to be able to explore a career in fashion, and with the many twists and turns in life, I have also worked in corporate banking, accounting, auditing, and now at the State of Connecticut in the Insurance Department.

How did UB make an impact on your career? 
UB allowed me to explore my dreams of attending college and entering adulthood. As a kid of immigrant parents, I didn’t know all my options, but I knew I wanted to make it in life and make my parents proud. UB was a third home for me. The people I met there believed in me and gave me the confidence to independently navigate this world called life.

Why do you give back to UB? 
It’s a way of saying thank you and paying it forward. Giving back is so important because it gives me a sense of purpose and allows me to know that I am part of something bigger: a community that feels passionately about UB and the students and community that loves everything about this place.

Why is it important for others to give back to UB? 
People should give back to allow future UB students the experience of exploring their capabilities, their strengths, and their knowledge in higher education. Most importantly it’s about being a part of a family and community that will always be with you.