Tutoring & Learning Center

Learn vital study skills with our free tutoring services. The Colin “Ben” Gunn Tutoring and Learning Center is available to all undergraduate UB students looking for assistance with courses and supports classroom instruction by providing valuable resources.

The Center offers professional and peer tutors in individual or group settings and can provide assistance for writing, study skills, subject-specific tutoring, and more.

Appointments can be made by calling 203-576-4290, or by stopping at the Center located in the Heckman Center in Wahlstrom Library, 2nd floor. Walk-ins are welcome if a tutor is available.

Please review our FAQs for more detailed information. 

Important reminder: Students who need tutoring in writing must bring at least one hard copy of the completed or partially completed assignment. If possible, bring two copies. This does not apply to students who need help starting an assignment.

Online Tutoring

eTutoring is a free service offered by UB to undergraduate students. Students must log in on the eTutoring website to receive tutoring services. As participants in eTutoring, students have access to the following: Online Writing Lab, Live Tutoring, and Offline Questions. Please visit the Tutoring and Learning Center if you need help using eTutoring or have further questions.

Schedule an Appointment

Select a subject below to schedule an in-person appointment with a tutor.

What to expect from your tutoring session:

It is recommended that you make an appointment. However, walk-ins are welcome if there is a tutor available. We are very busy around midterms and finals, so during these times please make an appointment well in advance. Regularly scheduled appointments are encouraged. 

Tutoring sessions are designed to last around 60 to 90 minutes and are collaborative efforts where the student works together with the tutor to reach their goal. Multiple appointments may be required for larger assignments. 

Our tutors are qualified to help with most writing assignments. However, it is always good practice to bring writing requirements to the appointment. If you are coming in for a writing assignment, we ask that you bring at least one copy of your paper, or two copies if possible (this does not apply to students who need help starting a paper).

For resume and cover letter review, please visit the Career Center. 

Bring all of your course material. This will help your tutor understand what the professor is requiring for a specific assignment. Be sure to ask questions if you are not following what the tutor is reviewing with you, and come prepared with specific questions or areas you need help in.

Proofreading should be done by the student prior to the appointment. Our tutors will work collaboratively with students to assist with structure, organization, and logic of written assignments, and will offer limited assistance with proofreading as needed. We are aware that English may not be your first language and take that into consideration.

No. For a tutoring session to be truly beneficial, it is recommended that a tutor and student collaborate face-to-face. 

Yes, we have a limited number of textbooks that can be used at the center only. You must leave your ID with a tutor while you are using a book.

Tutors are fellow students who have been recommended by their professors, or adjunct professors/learning specialists. Students may request specific tutors.

Any student enrolled in a UB undergraduate class may use our tutoring services.