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How to Prepare for Careers of Tomorrow in 10 Steps

Students are now being educated for job titles that do not yet exist. Ten years ago, there was no such thing as an Autonomous Car Engineer, Nanotechnologist, Health-Care Simulation Educator, Social Media Marketer, 3-D Designer, Data Analytics Specialist, Virtual TV/Film/Theatre Set Specialist, Blockchain Developer or an Augmented Reality Designer.

Music Teaching Certification (K-12)

Bridgeport: History and Destiny - UBridgeport hosts 1st TEDx

The University hosted its first-ever TEDx event on November 12. The event focused on the historical heritage of the city of Bridgeport and how it serves as a model for other communities as humanity confronts a changeful future.

Cross Cultures: International Education Week

UB celebrated the traditions, cultures, food, and languages of its multi-cultural student body for International Education Week from November 18 to 22.

Healthcare Solutions

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Connecticut is among the top 10 states with the largest increases in drug-related overdose deaths between 2013-17. To address the health crisis, the University of Bridgeport will host its inaugural College of Health Sciences symposium on this topic.

University of Bridgeport and Marlboro College Announce Merger

Deans named for UB’s three new colleges (08/15/2018)

The University of Bridgeport today announced that Drs. Manyul Im, Carol Papp, and Tarek Sobh have been named Deans of the University’s three newly created colleges: The College of Arts and Sciences; The College of Engineering, Business and Education; and The College of Health Sciences.

The three entities now collectively house all of UB’s colleges and schools. All programs continue to be offered, and the colleges are intended to give faculty members broader interaction with their peers and to be venues for furthering the primary strategic goals of the University.

Secondary Education MS or Sixth-Year Certificate

Masters in Elementary Education MS Degree or Sixth-Year Certificate