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UB’s comprehensive career counseling and resource center.

Student Leadership Development

UB offers several opportunities for students to explore and develop their leadership potential. The University believes that:

  • Leadership is a process by which individuals and groups work toward positive change.
  • Individuals must know themselves and act in a way that is consistent with their values in order to be an effective leader.
  • Anyone can be a leader, regardless of position or role.
  • Leadership is demonstrated in different ways, depending on the individual and situation.


Student Leadership Opportunities


Additional Resources 

Welcome to The Center for Career Development at the University of Bridgeport! 

College can prove to be an overwhelming time for students, however, we here at the Center for Career Development have worked hard to make at least one aspect of this transition a bit easier, and that’s career planning. To support students on all fronts, we’ve provided several additional resources for:


Online Services Include


Purple Briefcase

Purple Briefcase is UB’s internal job portal which houses internships as well as part-time and full-time positions posted by local and national employers. Students and alumni can search for jobs/internships and submit their resumes online. Additionally, you’ll have the ability to search and register for career-related events.


Focus2 combines self-assessment, career and major exploration, decision making and action planning in one comprehensive product. Focus2 guides students through a reliable career and education decision-making model to help you select majors, make informed career decisions and take action.