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Counseling Information for Parents/Guardians

We at Counseling Services are committed to working with parents and families to support students as they negotiate the academic, social, and emotional transitions of the college and university years.

UB’s Counseling Services recognize that this time of adjustment can be a challenging period for you and your student. While university life can offer rich opportunities for intellectual, social, and personal growth, it also presents students with personal challenges during this time of transition in their lives.

Counseling Services is located on the second floor of Carstensen Hall, 174 University Avenue, Bridgeport, CT. We are open Monday through Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.


Take a read through some of the most frequently asked questions about counseling services at the University of Bridgeport:

Students can set up an initial intake appointment by calling 203-576-4454, emailing, or coming to the office on the second floor of Carstensen Hall.

Typically, an appointment can be scheduled within two to three days. Counseling Services also offers daily crisis services during office hours.

Services are available to all undergraduate and graduate students at no cost.

If a residential student is in crisis after hours, you should contact Campus Security at 203-576-4911. They will assist you and will contact a counselor. If a student lives off campus, you should call 911 or take the student to an Emergency Room.

Therapists are permitted to listen to any information you provide. However, without written permission from your son or daughter, a therapist will not be able to speak with you about his or her treatment or confirm whether or not your child is receiving services. 

Counseling Services adheres to professional ethical standards and all state and federal laws regarding confidentiality. This means that once a student has contacted our office, we are not permitted to disclose any information (including whether or not s/he has made an appointment with our office) without written consent from the student. The primary exception to this rule is if the student is in imminent danger of causing harm to self or others.

Counseling Services does not provide psychiatric services. Counseling Services can provide students who require medication assessment and management with referrals to off-campus psychiatrists in the area. Please be aware, however, that it often takes time to find appropriate and affordable psychiatric care. If your son or daughter is currently receiving medication services, we recommend that they continue with their current provider or that you check with your health care provider for a list of psychiatric referrals that may be covered under your health care plan.

In some cases, a student’s needs extend beyond what Counseling Services can offer. Counseling Services staff will provide appropriate referrals to off-campus services.