Plans Underway for Fall Reopening

Dear Faculty, Staff, and Students,

Several weeks ago, I announced that on-ground campus operations would resume for the fall semester after taking all appropriate steps to ensure compliance with all local, state, and agency regulations. The Emergency Response Team, under the leadership of Vice President Schmidt, has been working with division leaders and program directors to develop granular plans ensuring the health and safety of our community upon our returning to campus.

Thanks to the collaboration of many individuals across campus, we have begun developing a range of models positioning us to support classes, clinicals, labs, and residential experiences for our students. As we continue this work, additional dialogue with all affected parties, including faculty and students, will precede roll out of the plan. We will need to work together to identify the best options.

We are working closely with entities across the state to ensure compliance and consistency with other institutions in Connecticut.

Going forward, we will share ongoing planning updates with you on a regular basis. We are developing an FAQ page on the website to answer questions you might have about returning to campus. An initial version of that site will be launched next week.

Stay in touch and stay safe.


Stephen Healey
Interim President