Pass/Fail Policy

Dear Members of the University of Bridgeport Community,

In recognition of the disruptive and stressful way in which the spring 2020 semester has unfolded as a result of COVID-19, the University of Bridgeport has extended its pass/fail policy for undergraduate students for the spring 2020 semester. The details of the policy, as well as frequently asked questions are provided below. Please contact your academic advisor with questions about the policy, or to determine if you should elect pass/fail for any, or all, of your courses this semester.

During the Spring 2020 semester, in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, The UB pass/fail policy for undergraduate students is temporarily revised as follows:

  1. Courses taken during the Spring 2020 semester will not count toward the 6-course maximum.
  2. Pass/fail grading option may be chosen by the student for all courses that are not major core requirements, program requirements or program acceptance requirements, including free electives and general education courses, with the exception of general education courses required by certain majors.
    • Lab co-requisite courses may also be taken P/F
  3. Pass/fail grading may be chosen during the Spring 2020 semester for minor and concentration courses in the General Studies program.
  4. Current pass/fail policies for program-specific internships and cooperative programs are not altered.
  5. Students will use this form to request pass/fail. Instructors will submit grades at the end of the semester, and grades will be converted to pass/fail on the transcript for courses approved as such.
  6. Students must request pass/fail grading by May 1, 2020 before Final Exam week.
  7. Once a course is selected as pass/fail it cannot be converted to a grade for the transcript. However, individual grades will be kept on file in the Registrar’s Office, should they be needed for reference in the future.
    • Note that Pass/fail grading is optional and will not count toward the GPA. Students should consult with their advisors.
    • Pass/fail grading extends only to undergraduate coursework.
    • In addition to this expanded pass/fail option, the course withdrawal without penalty deadline has been extended to May 8th.

The decision of whether to take a class pass/fail is an important one, and should be made in consultation with the academic advisor.  Students should consult with their faculty advisor before making a decision on selecting pass fail. The Academic Advising Center will assist in this process for first year students, general studies students, and any other students who are unable to consult their faculty advisor.

“UB’s catalog grading provisions are temporarily revised by the policy above for Spring 2020 semester only. Those normal catalog policies can be found on page 36 of the Undergraduate Catalog.”

We understand that you may have questions regarding this policy. A comprehensive “Frequently Asked Questions” page can be found here.


Sara Connolly, PhD
Assistant Provost, Director of the Bridgeport Plan
Associate Professor of Counseling/College Student Personnel