UB Student Prospers with Connecticut Space Grant 2021

Alberto Labrada

Alberto LabradaUniversity of Bridgeport student Alberto Labrada has earned a $3,000 NASA CT Space Grant Community College Transfer Scholarship.

Alberto transferred in the Fall of 2020 at the height of the pandemic, became involved with the International Space Station project (SPOCS), and placed on the University of Bridgeport President’s List. He works as an assistant in the Circuit Analysis 2 Lab and a tutor in the STEM tutoring center and was named the outstanding student of the year in Electrical Engineering. “Alberto is academically gifted, with excellent mathematical and programming skills. Some of the projects in the classes he took required complex mathematical and computer programming skills,” says Dr. Navaran Gupta, Professor of Electrical Engineering. “Alberto’s work was some of the best that I have come across.” 

The NASA Connecticut Space Grant Consortium (CTSGC) is a federally mandated grant, internship, and scholarship program that is funded as a part of NASA Education. Spring 2021 award recipients include 14 faculty members and 28 undergraduate or graduate students at affiliated Connecticut institutions, including the University of Bridgeport. “Alberto is motivated, intelligent and dedicated, and has shown his abilities in carrying out independent projects,” says Dr. Miad Faezipour, Associate Professor in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering. “The experience he will gain from this funded support in course-work and research/projects will help him develop numerous skills to successfully pursue a dynamic career in NASA and the aviation/aerospace industry.”

Alberto plans on applying to internships at NASA and landing a job there or with another government research agency. “Working in government research will allow me to contribute to society," he says. "I would like to be part of a team that is at the forefront of innovation.” Before transferring to UB, he already scored an internship at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory in their Community College program.

The Electrical Engineering department at the University of Bridgeport offers an undergraduate degree and graduate degree, giving students the opportunity to gain an in-depth knowledge in areas such as Communications, Control Systems, Electronics and Digital Processing. By providing an intellectually stimulating environment, they prepare future leaders like Alberto to be leaders in industry, government, and academia.

“Being a first generation American as well as a first-generation college student in my family, I take my academic and career goals very seriously. This scholarship will allow me to focus more on my career goals and allow me to concentrate on being the best engineer that I can be.”  - Alberto Labrada