UB Appoints Director of the School of Business and the Director of the Bauer Innovation Center

Elena Cahill and Tim Raynor

The College of Engineering, Business, and Education is pleased to announce the following appointments:

Director of the Bauer Innovation Center

Professor Elena Cahill, J.D. is appointed Director of Bauer Innovation Center starting July 1, 2021. Prof. Cahill joined the School of Business as an adjunct faculty in January of 2006, teaching business law and entrepreneurship courses. Later, Prof. Cahill joined UB as a full-time faculty member in August of 2014.

In August of 2015, Prof. Cahill founded the UB Student Entrepreneur Center (SEC) with the support of the Trefz Foundation. SEC has served approximately 300 UB students, launched more than 25 companies, and assisted over 20 students in earning awards in competitions. Furthermore, she developed the Lunch-and-Learn series held each semester and created a podcast studio. This summer, Prof. Cahill will launch a paid internship program wherein paid UB student interns will assist UB student entrepreneurs with faculty guidance with grant funding.

In August of 2018, Prof. Cahill was appointed as the Ernest C Trefz School of Business Director. Under her leadership, she introduced new programs, including BS in Analytics, BS in Sports Management, MBA concentrations, expanding online programs, and established the Bloomberg terminals laboratory.

Director of Ernest C Trefz School School of Business

Dr. Tim Raynor is appointed Director of the Ernest C Trefz School School of Business starting July 1, 2021. Dr. Raynor has been with UB for over six years. Dr. Raynor joined UB after spending eight years at Albertus Magnus College, where he was the Business Department Chair and an Associate Professor. Currently, Dr. Raynor is the Dean for the School of Professional Studies/UB Online & the Executive Director for Strategic Programs. Before that, Dr. Raynor served as the Assistant Dean for the School of Business.

Dr. Raynor is a business practitioner; his professional career includes almost 20 years of Executive and Senior Leadership experience with several Fortune 50 corporations. He has traveled internationally and worked on countless multinational task forces. In addition to his corporate experience, Dr. Raynor is an entrepreneur. He has owned and operated several small businesses, e.g., a coffee company that served upscale markets, specialty bakeries, and restaurants in Connecticut and a business-consulting firm currently writing a strategic plan for New Haven's Health Department.

Dr. Raynor holds a Bachelor of Arts in Business and Economics from Albertus Magnus College, a Master of Business Administration from Sacred Heart, a Sixth Year in Educational Leadership from Southern Connecticut State University, a Doctor of Business Administration degree from Wilmington University, and a certificate in Business Strategy from Cornell University.

Prof. Khaled M. Elleithy, PhD, Interim Dean of the College of Engineering, Business, and Education would like you all to join him in congratulating Prof. Cahill and Dr. Raynor for their new roles that will allow them to lead the Innovation Center and the School of Business to a flourishing future.