Statement on the Recent Violence in Washington, D.C.

Seaside Park Arch

Dear Campus Community,

The events yesterday in Washington, D.C., were discouraging for anyone who loves this country. What should be a high point in the democratic process was sullied by an outbreak of mob rule. The peaceful transfer of power, one of our nation’s highest values, led to loss of life and desecration of our sacred civic places. No one should fail to notice and denounce the racial prejudice patently obvious in this act of violence. Questions over legitimate votes have often been spoken in the coded language of racism, and the symbols of that hate abounded yesterday.

I share your grief over this violation of our institutions and condemn in the strongest terms possible the violence we witnessed.

It’s important for us as a community to reflect on an event like this and to take what meaning we can. We can see the flaws in prizing power over legitimacy and ideology over truth. Our democratic institutions must be maintained, first and foremost. But also, we must defend a civic political culture that cherishes ethics and integrity.

We are here for you. Professional counseling services are available for all students, faculty, and staff. For an appointment, please call (203) 576-4454, email, or stop by Carstensen Hall. Our Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion initiative and the Office of Multicultural Affairs can be contacted at (203) 576-4175 or For suggestions on how to have a positive impact on our community, contact the Office of Civic Engagement at (203) 576-2346 or

Let’s renew our commitment to each other and keep each other’s well-being in mind as we move forward. And let us remember that words matter. Values matter. Truth matters. That may seem like a small part of what you learn here at UB, but as yesterday demonstrates, it may be the most important part.

With greatest respect,

Stephen Healey
Stephen Healey
Interim President