A True Venture for UB Engineering Student

Shammah Matasva

One of UB’s engineering students, Tanyaradzwa “Shammah” Matasva has been awarded a True Ventures Fellowship for the summer of 2021 in Silicon Valley. 

Students gain incomparable experience working at a True Ventures portfolio startup, guided by experienced entrepreneurs. This summer fellowship is highly competitive, with over 100 applicants from universities like Harvard, Yale, and Stanford competing for 15 spots during summer 2021. Over the course of ten to twelve weeks, the fellows will acquire the skills needed to found their own startups. “The True Ventures Fellowship Program is an opportunity to learn about both entrepreneurship and venture capital, experiencing what it is like to work at both a startup and a venture capital firm,” says Lydia Morrison, the Platform Program Manager at True Ventures. “Our past fellows have gone on to found companies, to work in ventures, and to impact the world in immensely positive ways.”

This is not the first student from UB to earn the fellowship. In 2019, Mihovil Bakovic was awarded one as an intern on the marketing team at Prellis Biologics, a company that focuses on cutting edge physics and cell biology to build organs and tissues from bioprinting. “This will open a whole new world for me,” Bakovic said at the time. “The people I’ll meet, the skills I’ll learn, and the things I’ll experience will help me reach my goals.”

Now a UB alumnus, Bakovic passed on his knowledge of this valuable fellowship to Shammah Matasva, who applied in order to add to his skills as a Software Engineer from an entrepreneurial perspective. Matasva is excited to build a strong business network, to meet one-on-one with Silicon Valley company founders, and to meet other fellows and learn about their experiences. “Most importantly,” he says. “I can’t wait to gain hands-on experience building software products that could potentially work in the real world.”

It should be no surprise that Matasva earned this honor. Majoring in Computer Science, he is a member of the Student Entrepreneur Center, the President of the Student Entrepreneur Club, and a representative of the Class of 2022. “Shammah has repeatedly demonstrated his knowledge and passion in entrepreneurship,” says Elena Cahill, the Director of the Ernest C. Trefz School of Business. “I believe he will represent UB very well in this program that he earned the ability to be in through his leadership in the Student Entrepreneur Club and his activities both scholarly and socially at UB.” 

Matasva’s education at UB has prepared him well for this prestigious opportunity.

“All the courses I have taken so far in my Computer Science major gave me the foundation I needed to develop my skill in the field. This foundation has enabled me to learn beyond the classroom both in and outside the technical aspect of my studies.”

No doubt this one will help Shammah Matasva build on the strong foundation of a UB education. He starts his fellowship on June 7, 2021 at LoanSnap, as an intern in the Engineering department. After graduation, he plans to work as a Software Engineer, most likely in startups. “I plan on moving on to build my businesses and become a serial entrepreneur,” he says. “I want to provide solutions to as many problems as I can manage.”