UB Professors Share their Wisdom with New Books

A collage of the latest UB faculty book covers

Four new books by University of Bridgeport professors are reimagining the principles of conservation, poetry, and organizational excellence.

Shrinks, Sages, and Suits book coverThe Chair of Graduate Programs in the Ernest C. Trefz School of Business, Dr. Arthur McAdams, has written a new book called Shrinks, Sages, and Suits: Integrating Leadership, Governance, and Management for Organization Excellence. In the course of explaining organizational excellence, McAdams explores the contemporary schisms within societal thinking that cause businesses to underperform or fail, offering a way forward by blending the qualities of “shrinks, sages, and suits.” His 28 years of experience in the industry, including as Senior Vice President at People’s Bank, combine with his experience as a professor to produce a multi-disciplinary handbook for success. Nationally syndicated columnist Cliff Ennico praised the book, saying that “McAdams is in a unique position to show how the same archetypes philosophers have used since antiquity to describe the ‘good life lived well’ are exactly the same ones that describe an excellent executive.” 

Power Economics book coverMcAdams’ colleague and Director of the Trefz School of Business, Elena Cahill, has also written a forthcoming book, Power Economics: An Executive's Guide to Energy Efficiency, Conservation, and Generation Strategies. “There is tremendous pressure on corporations to be energy efficient and not leave a large carbon footprint,” she says. “This book is written for leaders who believe that a better future is possible and attainable.” It outlines practical strategies for managers and executives to start both saving money and saving the planet through energy efficiency. Cahill’s extensive experience in the field of conservation as founder of Globele Energy, her experience as a lawyer with Tyler, Cooper, and Alcorn, and her experience in higher education provides her book an even keel that will help American businesses navigate the stormy seas of climate change and economics.

New England Nature book coverAssociate Professor of English Eric D. Lehman’s 19th published book also confronts the changing natural world. Co-edited with poet, historian, and former deputy commissioner of the Connecticut Department of Environmental Protection, David K. Leff, New England Nature: Centuries of Writing on the Beauty and Wonder of the Land is an anthology of regional nature, conservation, and environmental writing that goes beyond Thoreau to include dozens of unknown and surprising authors, from W.E.B Dubois to P.T. Barnum. UB students Taleesa Scott and Laura Caserta earned credits assisting Prof. Lehman with the research and editing of this anthology, the first to collect New England’s rich tradition of nature writing.

Mouthbrooders book coverLehman’s colleague and English Department Chair, Amy Nawrocki, was selected to be a Finalist in the recent Connecticut Book Awards for her poetry collection Mouthbrooders. Nawrocki is the author of six books of poetry and four of non-fiction, including A Comet’s Tail: A Memoir of No Memory, which recently won the Mind Award from Living Now Books. Inspired by six months of vocal cord paralysis, Mouthbrooders is about language, finding your voice, and recovering from catastrophes, large and small. “Each poem is a vessel crafted to express one perfect thing,” writes Laurel Peterson, Norwalk’s Poet Laureate and Professor of English at Norwalk Community College. “Mouthbrooders is a collection to savor.”

These books are just the latest to demonstrate the faculty’s dedication and range. “Publishing books in your field is essential for your credentials, but is even more important as a teacher,” says Nawrocki. “It emphasizes that learning is a shared experience, and our writing contributes to higher education not just here at UB, but in the wider world.”