Career Hunting in a Virtual World

Handshake Quick Tips

Career Development is giving UB students many new opportunities while adapting to the new virtual world.

“Right now, it can be a frustrating experience for students trying to connect with recruiters,” says Taylor Van Antwerp, Director of Career Development. So, over the summer, the University launched partnerships with two new platforms geared toward helping students in our current reality, and is also sponsoring talks and recruiting sessions throughout the fall semester.

The first opportunity for our students is through Parker-Dewey, a micro-internship program. Traditional internships are limited in number and more difficult to manage during a pandemic, so many companies are turning to these remote three to four-week projects, usually offering $15-20 an hour. Students can browse these bite-sized internship experiences, apply for them, and in just a few weeks decide whether they are right for that kind of work and if it is right for them. They might discover that they prefer finance to accounting, or health care to social work.

The other opportunity is Handshake, the “unicorn of career development,” as Van Antwerp calls it. “It is an online job board, but so much more.” Handshake allows a job-hunting experience for recent graduates customized to their profiles, with opportunities that closely align with their interests. This matching feature has made the app the #1 way for students to meet employers. “The more a student uses it, the more they will find what they are looking for,” says Van Antwerp. “They will be empowering themselves to find jobs.” Handshake also affords Van Antwerp and our students the ability to directly connect with companies in ways we were not able to in the past, something that has the potential to result in important strategic partnerships.

The Career Development Office is also sponsoring Quick Hits, bite-sized 15-minute programming and help sessions every Tuesday at 12:30 pm and Friday at 1:30 pm. Finally, with “On the Menu @ UB” Career Development is also featuring events to give students opportunities to talk to recruiters. These companies have current internship and full-time opportunities now.

“We are trying to get the attention of companies that have never heard of us, while working to introduce students to a range of employers doing innovative work,” says Van Antwerp. “Through these multiple platforms, we can serve all our constituents – current students, recent grads, alumni, and our employer partners.”

Following is the current schedule for “On the Menu @ UB” and other recruiting opportunities this fall. But each week more companies sign up so make sure to check the Events page in Handshake to find new opportunities.

Event Date Who Should Attend
On the Menu @ UB: EI Research 10/21 Marketing, Journalism, Education, Graphic Design, Business (consulting) majors
On the Menu @ UB: nationalgrid 10/27 Engineering and Business majors
Tech and Cybersecurity Fair  10/28 STEM majors
PeaceCorps Application Webinar 11/3 Students of all majors
Ann Klein: Remote Networking 11/5 Students of all majors

Students can find more information about these exciting programs at the following links: