Knights of UB Show Returns

Brian Keiser and students recording the Knights of UB Show

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The Knights of UB Show is back for another round of interviews this fall semester.

Initiated in 2018, the show is a podcast of the Academic Advising Center, which promotes scholastic excellence, personal responsibility, and commitment to service amongst UB’s students. To some, this might seem like a strange place to host a podcast, but Director of Academic Advising Brian Keiser saw his mission as more than just putting students into the right classes. “Our job is bigger than that,” he says. “We are here to foster self-awareness and engagement.” 

The Knights of UB focuses on different weekly themes, gives advice, and provides a space for ads from student clubs and organizations. They have even run live shows at orientation, including a live stream on Facebook. The shows are featured on the UB academic advising webpage, and past episodes are available on Soundcloud. 

The idea of a university podcast is not unique, but The Knights of UB is much more focused on the students than most. Student volunteers and workers have helped to script content, organize the technical aspects, and of course to have candid, informal conversations with their classmates. Their work showcases the diversity of identity and majors on our incredible campus.

Although faculty and staff are sometimes interviewed, the primary goal is to give students the chance to learn, create, and express themselves.

“It presents a different side of the student voice,” says Keiser. “And it helps get their more honest perspective on the issues of the day.”

Those issues might be what is happening in the world, or just in our small corner of it. Whatever the case, they can speak their truth on this unique podcast.

Keiser recorded his first podcast with Marielis Martinez from Bauer Hall room 108 this past Friday. “We are excited to bring the podcast studio to Bauer Hall and to be able to expand the ability to create content to our student entrepreneurs,” says Director Elena Cahill. Additionally, the Academic Advising Center is merging with the Tutoring and Learning Center and will continue to support the Knights of UB Show. 

This new Office of Student Academic Success is planning more interviews by Zoom and in person throughout the fall. To bring The Knights of UB back, he will need volunteers to help create the programs, as well as volunteers to participate. If you want either experience, contact Brian Keiser at or 203-576-6632.