MBA Program Adds Healthcare Management Concentration

Prepare for In-demand Careers in a Growing Market
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Once again and a recurring theme of the University of Bridgeport’s recently launched programs—traditional, hybrid or fully online—is the element of marketability that it affords its future graduates. The programs seamlessly meld theory with practice that gives UB graduates an extra edge in the competitive marketplace. Following suit, the latest addition to new academic offerings is an MBA concentration in healthcare management.

One of the fastest growing and booming industries in today’s U.S. economy is healthcare management. The population is aging, healthcare delivery is changing, and COVID-19 has added an extra component of complexity. Heart disease, cancer, Alzheimer’s Disease, and unforeseen infectious diseases of the future are keeping both medical and business professionals busy and in demand.

Not all academic programs are created equal, or for that matter designed by experts in the field with deep experience, but the MBA’s newest concentration is an exception. The thoughtfully crafted curriculum was developed by both business and healthcare professionals and practitioners.

The concentration is customized for individuals seeking professional development for career advancement or a career change. At the intersection of business and healthcare management, students will acquire strong business skills through the MBA program that will prepare them for any industry, along with a strong foundation and focus to succeed in healthcare management.

Whether an interest exists in moving up in a healthcare setting, medical administrators or managers will be equipped for higher levels of responsibility and movement along their career path. Medical practitioners in a variety of specialties also will benefit from this concentration whether they are in private practice or part of a larger organization in either a clinical or hospital setting.

“The MBA with a concentration in healthcare management is a degree that will hold its value from entry-level positions to the executive office,” said Chris Cassirer, ScD, MPH, vice president of online learning, digital services, strategic initiatives. “This is an exciting new concentration conceptualized with the needs of the current and future workforce factored into its design.”

Choose from six start dates in a 7-week semester format that is 100 percent online. An on-campus option is also available.