Talented UB Alumnus Scores a New Gig

Looking for Love through Music on New Television Series
Matt Ranaudo ’13

What do you get when you combine a University of Bridgeport alum, The Bachelor and American Idol? You get a new spinoff series called The Bachelor Presents: Listen to Your Heart. It’s kind of a mix between the long-running dating show and a singing contest, where contestants try to find their soulmates through music.

The UB alum? That would be Matt Ranaudo ’13, a singer/guitarist, who earned his Bachelor of Music degree at UB. Ranaudo will be one of 20 single men and women singing popular songs as they look to create lasting bonds through music and fall in love when the ABC series premieres at 8 p.m. on April 13.

Originally from Milford, Connecticut, Ranaudo cut his teeth playing guitar in clubs around the area as part of Brother Stone & The Get Down, a Pop/R&B group he still fronts with his cousin and songwriting partner Collin Monahan. The son of a professional musician, Ranaudo has been playing music since he was three years old. As a music major at UB, he found other musicians coming from a similar background, one informed by improvisation and creative songwriting.

“Matt had amazing charisma and sheer talent,” said Jeffrey Johnson, associate dean, College of Arts & Sciences, who advised Ranaudo and taught him in several classes. “Once he saw how the new skills he was learning could take him to a new level, he progressed quickly…but we gave him his first rose!”

After performing on a local radio show in 2015, Ranaudo and Monahan were invited to record in Los Angeles. The result was 2016’s Mad at a Cactus EP, which featured a number of world-renowned musicians. Now living in Encino, California, Ranaudo continues to write and record music for the band as well as television, commercials, films and other artists.