The Class of 2024 Experiences the Richness of UB Virtually

A floral bush on UB's campus. Photo by Leonardo Castiglioni ’23.

Photo by Leonardo Castiglioni '23.

A large group of people gathered to hear about the outstanding University of Bridgeport education that was on the horizon. Only this group of students and their parents, representing the largest Accepted Students Day attendance in recent years, were not physically present on campus.

No, the welcoming and knowledgeable UB faculty and staff, the stunning array of exploding rose-colored bushes sprinkled across campus, and the picturesque lighthouse overseeing Long Island Sound will have to wait, for now.

The enthusiastic and curious cyber visitors joined the Accepted Students Day Virtual Experience on a host of electronic devices—desktop computers, laptops, tablets and phones.

Jayci and TJ JordanA gymnastics recruit from Tennessee, Jayci Jordan, and her father T.J. watched the program together at their kitchen table. In a letter to UB’s president, Laura Trombley, T.J. said, “Your staff continues to be overwhelmingly professional, accommodating, and kind.” He attached a candid photo snapped by Jayci’s mother. “This picture is priceless,” he said, “and speaks a thousand words.”

The robust event agenda included information that covered a full range of relevant information to the future Purple Knights, the Class of 2024.

“We designed the program with a student-centered approach,” Lou Izzi, vice president of enrollment management and athletics, said. “We answered the big questions for students that parents care about as well. What do the students want to know about potential programs and majors, what clubs and activities will be available, will I meet friends and find a home away from home at UB?”

Getting down to business, students took advantage of the opportunity to virtually meet with financial aid specialists and academic advisers for class scheduling. Students could also register for one of twelve upcoming live academic information sessions.

A video of alumnus Hamza Naqvi, a finance major, demonstrated the value of a UB education. Naqvi and his family were contestants last year on ABC’s Shark Tank. Prior to beginning his two companies alongside his wife, he had a successful career with a leading global financial services firm. “I applied everything I learned in theory from books to real life and successfully competed against grads from Harvard, Princeton, and Yale,” he said.

The virtual tour offered a glimpse inside a number of key buildings and facilities on campus that piqued the students’ interest, including a residence hall, the dining hall, Bauer Hall Innovation Center, and The Heckman Center, a one-stop destination for student support services.

The virtual experience will remain available to both perspective and accepted students until the end of April.