From UB to Amazon

Dhaval Bulsara sitting at a computer desk

Dhaval Bulsara, a University of Bridgeport graduate student, earned his master’s degree in Computer Science this May. Soon after he walked across the stage at UB’s Commencement ceremony, he took off for Cupertino, California, where he will begin his career as a software development engineer at Amazon.

Bulsara originally came to UB in August 2017. In addition to his Master’s program, he has been working at the University as a web developer. He had previous experience working in the IT industry in India, for a leading healthcare company. What attracted him to UB in particular were its faculty and course structure. “The core courses in Computer Science really help you to learn the fundamentals,” Bulsara said. He mentioned a specific course, Analysis of Algorithms and Object-Oriented Programming, as being instrumental in securing his position with Amazon.

The campus’ location also attracted Bulsara, as it is only an hour away from New York City, which he called a “new ‘Silicon Valley.’” While the cost of living in New York is quite high, Bridgeport serves as a practical choice for those who still want to commute to work in the city.

Bulsara’s main motivation behind pursuing a job in the city, however, goes deeper. He aspires to help people. “I am really motivated when technology is used to solve problems for older people and those with disabilities,” Bulsara said. For example, he offers the example of Amazon’s feature called the Dash Button, which delivers grocery within a day’s time.

During Bulsara’s junior year, he completed an internship with the New York City Department of Finance, which is a government agency. He recommends applying for full-time jobs one year in advance, as many companies begin their recruiting process in that time window.

He also would advise current and future students, who may also be wondering where to go next, to apply to internships as well as full-time jobs, and apply early. “Internships are really necessary for you to get a full-time job,” Bulsara said.

In his time at UB, Bulsara has done his best to give back to the University. For the past two years, Bulsura has worked 15 hours a week in the web development area of the Office of Marketing and Communications. His supervisor, Trinadh Venna, noted his ability to transfer his skills from the classroom to the workplace. “He is a constant learner, exploring new methods to solve a given problem in this field,” Venna said. “His hard work as a student has paid off with this great career opportunity.”