UB students awarded best delegation at Model United Nations conference in New York

University of Bridgeport Model United Nations team

The University of Bridgeport Model United Nations (UBMUN) team has won the Outstanding Delegation award at the 2019 National Model United Nations Conference in New York (NMUN NY), the highest award given at the conference. This is the first time the UB team has won this prestigious award in 13 years of attending the NMUN NY conference, the most competitive Model UN event in the country. Over 5,000 students from all around the country and the world were in attendance.

This year the UBMUN represented the country of Sierra Leone in six committees and Belgium in the Security Council. The UB team also won the Outstanding Position Paper award in the General Assembly First Committee, which is one of the highest academic awards given at the NMUN conference. In addition, two UB students were selected to become chairs of their committees, Ameya Patkar (General Assembly Third Committee) and Ryan Saunders (United Nations Children's Fund). 

Ameya Patkar, President of the UBMUN club knew how hard it was to win an award at the NMUN conference and made sure that this year’s team was well trained for the conference. He attributes the success of this year’s team to the rigorous training that the team endured in preparation for the conference, “The team prepared for a period of four months leading up to the conference, which included simulations of committee proceedings, research, discussions of important geo-political issues and writing position papers.” 

Zachary Remington, was the Head Delegate for the UBMUN team at the conference. He said that the night the team won the Outstanding Delegation award, the reaction of the UB team was “pure euphoria!” He also stated that the look of accomplishment in each of the team member’s eyes after receiving the good news was “worth every hour we put into preparing for the conference.” 

As the Head Delegate, Remington understood the importance of the achievement that the team had accomplished. He said “This group of new, passionate, young leaders saw their hard work rewarded with the acknowledgement that they were the best of the best, earning the respect of thousands of students from around the world.”

Faculty advisor, Dr. Chunjuan Nancy Wei, professor of International Political Economy and Diplomacy (IPED) at the School of Public and International Affairs said that “Model UN conferences are a great place to meet likeminded youths” who care about international politics and diplomacy. “The skills students gained include teamwork, public speaking, and critical thinking-skills crucial for future success in life.” This time in New York more than half of the delegates were from outside the United States; the UB delegates participated in a range of issues and gained rich experience in simulated negotiation and cooperation. She was very proud that “the UB delegates have demonstrated their leadership and were recognized for their outstanding performance.” The awards were “a testimony to the rigorous preparation under the leadership of Ameya Patkar and the guidance of my colleague Professor Miguel Arroyo.”



Below are the names of the all UB students who were part of this year’s award winning team:

Commission on Population and Development (CPD) - Hassan Alminhali and Joseph Perkus  
Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP) - Gabriel Ferreira Araujo and Manshi Garg 
General Assembly First Committee (GA1) - Morgan Cobbs 
General Assembly Second Committee (GA2) - Jungsoo Moon and Seiichi Kamijo  
General Assembly Third Committee (GA3) - Ameya Patkar 
Special Committee on Peacekeeping Operations (C-34)Zachary Remmington and Phuntsho Choden 
United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) - Alexandria Bascombe and Ryan Saunders  
United Nations Environment Assembly (UNEA) - Feyisetan Dania and (August) Tshegofatso Modiga 

Representing Belgium on Security Council-Additional (SC-A) - Milton Mondlane