UB and ARS Team Up and Showcase a New Cloud Robotics Platform at Amazon Web Services CES Booth

Pritesh Bhavsar with Sarosh Patel and Tarek Sobh at CES 2019

Bridgeport, CT, February 6, 2019 – The University of Bridgeport and industry partner Advanced Robot Solutions (ARS), a high visibility robotics and Artificial Intelligence (AI) company, demonstrated an innovative service robot in the Amazon Web Services (AWS) space at the 2019 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, one of the world’s biggest technology events.

In recent months, the University of Bridgeport’s robotics specialists and ARS worked to customize its FURo-D service robot to be built using recently released cloud robotics service, AWS RoboMaker.

CES was the second instance in which the University and its industry partner ARS demonstrated its service robot built using icloud services from AWS. Previously, in November, the partners attended the AWS re:Invent 2018 conference in Las Vegas and demonstrated the cloud robotics platform, which was later upgraded, leveraging AWS RoboMaker’s features for CES in January 2019.  

Due to the successful collaboration and high interest generated by the demonstration at the CES show, the University of Bridgeport and ARS have agreed to continue their collaborative R&D efforts to support the growing demand of humanoid and mobile robots in the service industry.

“The complex algorithms created by the University’s robotics specialists for control and sensory functions together with ARS and their robotics hardware will help define the future application of robotic cloud computing,” said Dr. Tarek Sobh, executive vice president and dean of the College of Engineering, Business, and Education at the University of Bridgeport.


ARS team with UB Engineering Faculty


The University’s robotics specialists have partnered with ARS, a Stratford, Connecticut-based company, since early 2017 with the aim of customizing the company’s FURo-D service robots and other service robots for various clients and operations. One of ARS’ most circulated AI service robots, the FURo-D robot serves airports, children’s hospitals, courthouses, trade shows, and other venues.

Paul McManus, CEO of ARS, said, “Working with Amazon Web Services and the University of Bridgeport is productive and rewarding, and we’re excited to now be using AWS RoboMaker. It makes it easy to develop, test, and deploy intelligent robotic applications to scale. ARS prides itself in being an agile company that responds quickly and effectively to the needs of our partners and collaborators.” 

Robotics has long been one of the School of Engineering’s areas of research excellence at UB. Sobh founded the Robotics, Intelligent Sensing and Control (RISC) Lab at UB in 1995. He continues to direct the lab’s research along with co-director Dr. Sarosh Patel, assistant professor of computer and science and engineering.

The University of Bridgeport and ARS’ mobile AI Robotic platform was on display at the AWS booth at CES. Mr. Pritesh Bhavsar, a University of Bridgeport RISC lab graduate student, worked with ARS and AWS RoboMaker to build the FURo-D robot’s native software, implementing capabilities such as Amazon CloudWatch, Amazon Lex, Amazon Polly, and Amazon Sumerian.