Final exams? At UB, the key to success is breakfast at night, with a side of cupcakes

Annual (Not quite) Midnight Breakfast helps UB students ace their final exams—and let them know everyone’s rooting for them
University of Bridgeport staff members serving food at the Midnight Breakfast for students

Sure, studying helps.  But at the University of Bridgeport, the trick to rocking final exams lies in the (Not Quite) Midnight Breakfast, a campus rite that formally kicks off the week of final exams, which this semester ends on Friday, December 14, 2018.

Served to students by an enthusiastic army of University of Bridgeport alumni and staff, the (Not Quite) Midnight Breakfast brims with an abundance of cheer and a wealth of calories. Or as Director of Campus Activities Kelli Meyer puts it, “Final exams and a diet?! No way!”

Thus it was that Meyer found herself with other University staff members and alumni at Marina Dining Hall from 9 p.m. to 11 p.m. on Monday night, offering platters of cupcakes, doughnuts, and cake to happy, hungry students. Nearby, Vice President of Student Affairs Edina Oestreicher, donning a large felt menorah hat and apron, served scrambled eggs while her colleague Denise Spada-Bargo (stylish in a Santa hat) dispensed sausages and tater tots. President Laura Trombley  joined in, too.

Meanwhile, more than 600 students ate, took photos in a selfie booth, and listened to live guitar music. Members of the UB Alumni Association gave out final exam survival kits to students, offering words of encouragement for the coming week.

“It’s simply fun to be there with all the students in that environment. We want them to succeed. That’s the whole goal: to get students through finals and let them know we care,” said Alumni Association Board Member Dennis Brotherton ’86.

The Alumni Association co-sponsors the (Not Quite) Midnight Breakfast with the UB Division of Student Affairs and the Student Programming Board.

Jewayen Thompson, a psychology and human services major who is vice president of the Student Programming Board, helped assemble hundreds of final exam kits days before the big breakfast. “We try to stuff the gift bags with things you can use while studying and some whimsical items to keep you laughing,” Thompson said. “This year, we saw an increase in turnout and even more pandemonium than we saw last year. We just hope that it was enough to keep the Purple Knights fighting for their A's.”

As the (Not Quite) Midnight Breakfast drew to a close, Kelli Meyer said the event “is about more than great food and great grades. It’s about community. Students at the University of Bridgeport should know their peers, the faculty, and our alumni care about them. Sure, finals are stressful, but we’re all rooting for them.”


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