An MS in Analytics and Systems at the University of Bridgeport Opens Doors

Graduate of Fast-Growing Masters Degree Program Equipped with Tools to Succeed
Fahad working at his company

“One of my favorite memories of the University of Bridgeport was walking from my residence hall to a Saturday morning class. I refer to it as ‘walking with my shadow’ before the campus became busy with activity. I found it quite serene.”

Those are the words of Fahad Mahbub, a graduate of the inaugural class of the University’s Masters of Science in Analytics and Systems program.

At the University of Bridgeport, students learn firsthand from their professors in contrast to large universities where classes are taught by graduate assistants. Mahbub said the personalized attention, friendly atmosphere, and close interaction with Dr. Mike Lohle, senior lecturer in Information Systems, and others sum up the UB difference.

“The University of Bridgeport gave me the requisite foundational knowledge and learning processes to complement the building of my skills,” Mahbub offered. He said that he learned how to communicate effectively and was given the tools of how to acquire knowledge, manage knowledge, and portray knowledge. He emphasized that if you don’t know how to communicate knowledge, your work does not make any sense.

Analytics has become so prevalent and integral in business today that Mahbub said that what he and others learn in school can be directly applied to analytics positions and other areas. “I was hired to do analytics work but I transitioned into IT operations, so knowledge in this field can open doors to many systems-related jobs.”

Mahbub was proactive in getting his name and skill set into the marketplace and believes the extra effort resulted in his hiring as a data analyst by Potoo Marketing in Norwalk, Conn., a data analytics and services platform, giving the world’s leading brands data-driven control of their online marketplaces. “I took the time to learn products like R and Tableau and published my work on the Tableau website that Potoo discovered,” he said. “They found me; I never applied.” He added that publishing your work demonstrates that you know how to use the analytics tools.

He also recommends that all analytics students sign up for a GitHub account, a place where coders convene and share their work online.

Mahbub said that he works with large data sets. But if you ask him if he works with big data, he will tell you that everyone talks about it but nobody can define it. “What is big now may not be considered big in the future.”

This fall the Ernest C. Trefz School of Business opened a state-of-the-art analytics lab. Mahbub said the new lab will better prepare students for jobs in the analytics and systems field.

UB’s East coast location and proximity to New York City was enticing to Mahbub. “I also knew that an MS in Analytics and Systems degree would open doors anywhere in the world.”