UB Clinics get new a marketing campaign, thanks to UB students

UB Clinics get new a marketing campaign, thanks to UB students

Some come with toothaches or backaches. Others need to reduce their cholesterol levels, and some just want to make lifestyle changes. Whatever the reason, more than 20,000 individuals a year go to UB Clinics (University of Bridgeport) to receive free or low-cost health services.

Yet, despite the UB Clinics’ extensive reach—services provided to the community are valued at over $1.5 million annually–more individuals could be helped if they were aware that the clinics are open to the public, said Dr. David M. Brady, vice president of health sciences.

“Many people are still surprised to learn that UB Clinics provide services from dental care to chiropractic adjustments and more,” Dr. Brady said. “We felt we needed to let them know.”

Now they will, thanks to UB Professor Susan Katz. Her Publicity Methods class just put the finishing touches on an engaging new multimedia marketing campaign specially created for the clinics. Mass communication Adjunct Professor Peter van Geldern advised video production for the project.

It was presented to health sciences faculty on December 5.

Featuring radio spots, videos, brochures, billboards, ads, web app and a revved-up social media strategy, the campaign spotlights the acupuncture, chiropractic, naturopathic medicine, and dental hygiene clinics that collectively make up the UB Clinics.

“We really look forward to being able to use this material to extend our reach into the Greater Bridgeport community,” said Dr. Brady. “It really help us up our game to get the message out about the clinics in a more effective, modern, slick way.”

Katz was equally pleased. For years, she has tasked her classes with creating marketing campaigns for off-campus entities, including the Klein Memorial Auditorium and the Bridgeport Regional Business Council. But this time, her class—made up of 20 mass communication and graphic design majors—promoted a University resource, she said.

“It was so good to have an on-campus client this semester. We’ve learned a lot about this valuable resource in our community,” Katz added. “My students produced high-end media collateral for their portfolios and UBClinics got outstanding work they can use.”

Katz organizes her classes like an ad agency, so before they began working on the campaign, students were divided into four departments: Press & Public Relations, Video & Photography, Art & Design, and Social Media.

Lani Akingbade, 20, a mass communication major, served as assistant creative director. “The goal of the campaign was to get [UB Clinics] to be more modern,” she said.

Janice Faye, coordinator for health sciences, worked closely with the mass communication and graphic design students throughout the project. Their campaign, she agreed, is “very current.” Just as important, she said, “it’s relevant.”

“Health care is a very different market because it’s really about the patient,” Faye explained. “For a consumer, it’s not an impulse buy. When you’re sick you don’t have time to do comparison shopping, and it’s difficult to judge the quality of service you will receive.”

That patient-first perspective is evident throughout. Instead of keeping the existing UBClinics brochure, for instance, some of the students created a new version that replaces large blocks of text with eye-catching info graphics about the cost of services (they’re low) and insurance (not needed).

“People want information that’s direct and easy to look at. When they see a lot of text, they don’t even bother,” said Nicolas Mancheno, a graphic design major who designed the brochure and headed up the Art & Design team. “They also want to know what to expect, so we focused more on the interaction between clients and the clinics. If you can show them what to expect, it might push them to visit.”

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