UB creates Internet of Things for Teenagers!

UB creates Internet of Things for Teenagers!

The University of Bridgeport (UB) has announced the launch of Internet of Things for Teenagers!, an interactive training program for high school students in Connecticut who are interested in but don’t necessarily know much about the fast-growing field of engineering.

The Internet of Things (also referred to by its acronym, IoT) describes the vast network of smart phones, home-security systems, televisions, 3D printers, and other devices used daily that connect to and share data with each other.

As IoT expands—up to 50 billion devices will be connected by 2020—the number of professionals working in the field is expected to soar by 4.5 million over the next five years.

To introduce students to IoT and engineering in general, UB School of Engineering launched Internet of Things for Teenagers! on March 2 with an inaugural group of 12 high schoolers from Bridgeport. They will conclude training, which is free to all students, at the end of the month.

UB School of Engineering is now working with other high schools to provide classes for students who might not otherwise afford or have access to engineering training.

The program was created by Dr. Shakour Abuzneid, an associate professor at the Department of Computer Science & Engineering.

At Internet of Things for Teenagers!, students spend three to five 90-minute sessions performing hands-on labs, such as building circuit systems and Arduino and Raspberry PI. Students are guided by UB School of Engineering faculty and graduate assistants.

With “connection” as the magic word in IoT, Dr. Abuzneid designed classes to be held at local libraries, area high schools, and at UB—wherever it’s easy for teenagers to reach.

No prior knowledge of programming is necessary.

“Students just need to be interested in computers and engineering,” says Dr. Abuzneid. “There are many opportunities in terms of their future, but we’re finding that too many teenagers don’t know about IoT or engineering in general.

“We want to expose them to the field, but telling them about it isn’t enough. Teenagers get enough lectures. They want to try things themselves! So, we’re setting up labs and showing them how to build circuits, program microcontrollers such as Arduino Uno, and get to know more about a field that’s growing.”

Educators who are interested having their students participate in Internet of Things for Teenagers! should contact abuzneid@bridgeport.edu or call (203) 576-4113.

School teachers and members of the local community are also invited to schedule workshops.

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