UB’s hardiest to plunge into L.I. Sound on behalf of World Wetlands Day Feb. 2

UB’s hardiest to plunge into L.I. Sound on behalf of World Wetlands Day Feb. 2

On February 2, thousands of dedicated individuals will dive, dip, splash, and swim in waters around the world—from the Aegean Sea to the Indian Ocean to the Long Island Sound, thanks to a hardy group from University of Bridgeport (UB) College of Naturopathic Medicine who’ve vowed to participate in World Wetlands Day.

The annual global event seeks to raise awareness about the value of wetlands by inviting people to dive on in.

There are, arguably, more temperate days to remind the public about the integral role of wetlands, but February 2 marks the date when the Convention on Wetlands was adopted in 1971.

So, with high hopes for a “fun” and “super cool” event, the College of Naturopathic team says it will plunge into the Sound at exactly high noon.

They expect to be toweling off by 12:01 p.m.

“In naturopathic medicine, we talk about hydrotherapy, the application of water, both hot and cold. This is certainly an opportunity to demonstrate the application of cold,” said College of Naturopathic Medicine Dean Dr. Marcia Prenguber.

UB naturopathic students and faculty participated in a World Wetlands Day plunge last year, and it was such fun that they invited schools from UB’s other Health Sciences Division. “We hope they’ll join us,” said Prenguber. (Here’s looking at you, Physician Assistant Institute, Fones School of Dental Hygiene, Human Nutrition Institute, College of Chiropractic, and School of Nursing!)

If hydrotherapy, environmental awareness, or connecting to Mother Nature don’t provide enough incentives to dive in, “there’s always bragging rights,” reminded Preguber, noting that the UB naturopathic team was proud to list its plunge on the World Wetlands Day website. It includes an interactive map of similar events taking place around the world.

This year, there’s even a group from Finland.

“That,” says Prenguber, “is just crazy.”

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