Final exams: Getting by with a little help from alumni and friends

Final exams: Getting by with a little help from alumni and friends

University of Bridgeport alumnus Miguel Arroyo graduated nearly a decade ago. Nonetheless, he still remembers taking a study break during final exams to attend the annual (Not-Quite) Midnight Breakfast, an all-you-can-eat pancakes-and-eggs extravaganza held to encourage students at they embark on days of grueling testing.

“It was an opportunity to take time and unwind with friends, and I appreciated the effort people made to give us the breakfast,” said Arroyo ’07.

Now Arroyo, a member of the UB Alumni Association, is on the giving side, pitching in to make the late-night breakfast a memorable event for current UB students. On Thursday, he and other UB Alumni Association members assembled hundreds of finals survival goodie bags that will be given to approximately 600 UB students who are expected to attend the 2016 (Not Quite) Midnight Breakfast on Monday, December 12 at Marina Dining Hall.

The breakfast, co-sponsored by Student Affairs and the Student Programming Board (SPB), runs from 9 p.m. to 11 p.m. and will feature a selfie photo booth, care packages from the SPB to accompany the Alumni Association survival goodie bags, and lots of encouragement for students to do their best as they wrap up the fall semester, said Assistant Dean of Students Craig Lennon.

Exams are scheduled for December 12 to 15.

“This is the kind of event that really emphasizes community at the University of Bridgeport, with the Alumni Association, the Student Programming Board, and Student Affairs coming together to support students during finals,” said Lennon. “Our students really appreciate it. They can let off steam and have a lot of fun.”

Preparing the goodie bags seemed just as much fun as attending the breakfast for Arroyo and alumni Anne-Fried Drath ’09, ’11; Senad Ibrahimbegovic ’11, ’13; Victoria Tenzyk ‘’11; and Chairman Dennis Brotherton ’86.

Working at clip that would put North Pole elves to shame, the alums formed an assembly line in the parlor of Cortright Hall, where they stuffed chocolate kisses, granola bars, packs of hot cocoa mix, and lots of UB stickers into bags that were adorned with poem written by Tenzyk especially for test-takers:

 ‘Twas the week before finals

When all through UB

Not a student was stirring, could it really be?

The halls were all quiet and campus serene,

Students hoped that their focus would be

Noticed by the dean.

With a little more studying

And cracking your books

We know you’ll do well.

You’ll be more than a rook,

Believe in yourself and know you are bright,

Do well on your finals, be a proud

Purple Knight!

As he dropped chocolate kisses into each bag, Alumni Association President Dennis Brotherton said: “We’re just trying to encourage the kids who are looking at finals and stressing out. Hopefully, it will take the edge off.”

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