Relief from fibromyalgia: advice from leading UB health director

Relief from fibromyalgia: advice from leading UB health director

Chronic fatigue and grinding pain affect more than 100 million Americans diagnosed with fibromyalgia. But for most, the cause of their pain may be misdiagnosed, according to Dr. David M. Brady ND in his new book, The Fibro Fix (Rodale Press).

In The Fibro Fix, Brady offers long-term solutions for living a healthy, comfortable life, whether patients are suffering from aliments triggered by fibromyalgia or other causes.

“While sufferers may share similar symptoms—including achiness, pain, fatigue, sleep deprivation, depression, and intestinal distress—not all share the same condition, which is where the confusion begins. Research reveals that over two-third of patients have received a misdiagnosis and are continuing to suffer from lack energy, and a myriad of other symptoms, without any hopes for a pain-free future,” says Brady.

In his unique 21-day program, Brady guides patients to help them discover the underlying causes of their pain. The book then lays out easy-to-follow lifestyle changes, including medical and natural approaches, such as detoxification, stress-management techniques, and movement, that can provide safe, non-addictive long-term cures.

The Fibro Fix will be released on July 12 by Rodale Press, a leading health publisher.

About the author

Dr. David M. Brady ND is vice provost of the Division of Health Sciences and director of the Human Nutrition Institute at the University of Bridgeport. As a leading naturopathic doctor and sought-after speaker, he most recently hosted The Fibro Fix Summit, a worldwide online event where he interviewed 30 health experts on fibromyalgia and pain management. More than 31,000 participants registered for the groundbreaking event.