Analytics Intelligence and online option now offered for MBA at UB

Analytics Intelligence and online option now offered for MBA at UB

University of Bridgeport announces a new online offering and an academic collaboration with SAS

The Ernest C. Trefz School of Business at the University of Bridgeport is pleased to announce two exciting initiatives for their MBA concentration in Analytics Intelligence: a new academic collaboration with SAS, a leading provider of analytics software, and a new online offering starting fall 2016.

The field of analytics allows institutions to mine millions of data points not only to learn from past events, but also to anticipate best practices for the future. According to a survey by Deloitte, analytics will become imperative in the next three years because large amounts of data still have not been leveraged.

Gartner anticipated that through 2015, 4.4 million jobs were created around data.

It’s easy to see why. Whether predicting an election outcome, analyzing data to enhance the performance of a professional sports team, racing to contain disease outbreaks, analyzing the social networks of suspected criminals and terrorists, improving operational and supply-chain effectiveness, or perceiving customer purchase intentions for improved marketing campaigns, the opportunity for using information to propel enterprises forward is unlimited.

The MBA concentration in Analytics Intelligence at the UB Trefz School of Business is a one-year track that provides candidates with a foundational understanding of capturing, analyzing, and then leveraging data that are invaluable to developing game-changing business strategies.

The University’s new collaboration with SAS empowers the Ernest C. Trefz School of Business to issue joint certificates with SAS upon graduation to MBA students with a concentration in Analytics Intelligence. These certificates affirm students have taken at least twelve course credits infused with SAS content.

Mike Lohle, PhD, a senior lecturer at the Trefz School affirmed: “SAS has a huge installed client base both domestically and abroad. This academic collaboration and UB’s ability to issue joint certificates with SAS supports our philosophy of bringing theory and practice together for powerful results. Our students are already eager to use these certificates to set themselves apart in a booming marketplace.”

Lohle also discussed the University’s new online offering, “Bringing our Analytics Intelligence MBA concentration online is logical. Students will now experience working in a virtual environment similar to those they will encounter on the job. We’re also excited to engage students who can’t meet with us in Bridgeport. As important, now executives will have a convenient, time saving option for training their teams in enterprise intelligence, analytics and management that preserves their travel budgets.”

Dean Lloyd Gibson added, “I’m often asked what sets our Analytics Intelligence concentration apart. The difference is in our faculty. They have years of experience delivering game changing enterprise intelligence and analytics solutions and they love bringing their experience to bear to propel students forward in this exciting field. I’ve been gratified when students confirm they’ve used what they learned in our classes while on interviews or on their jobs. Our new ability to provide joint certificates with SAS enhances their already powerful message and skills while our new online offering extends our reach and opens up exciting new opportunities for engaging with the marketplace.”

The Analytics Intelligence concentration builds upon the Trefz School of Business M.B.A. curriculum and consists of three courses that can be easily completed in one year:

  • Enterprise Intelligence and Decision Support provides a managerial overview of the business drivers and critical success factors for the effective delivery of enterprise intelligence solutions.
  • Technical Concepts for Analytics Professionals provides a working knowledge of enterprise intelligence technical tools via hands on work.
  • Foundation in Advanced Analytics provides in depth understanding of sophisticated business analytics methods and applications.

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