“She Knows” – An Original from UB’s Music Program

“She Knows” – An Original from UB’s Music Program

How to write a song….ever wonder what it takes? At the University of Bridgeport, our music program places a premium on versatility, flexibility, and creativity. The creation of original music in multiple genres and styles is par for the course as students synthesize the skills learned in ensembles, instrumental and vocal lessons, and courses in ear training, music theory, history, and technology.

Under the direction of an experienced performer, songwriter, producer, and audio engineer with significant industry experience, UB’s music students produce original work in our newly-renovated recording studio.

In other words, it’s a whole lot of fun.

Just click on the video above to see our students at work honing their craft in the Arnold Bernhard Center. Lyrics and music of “She Knows” is provided below for your full comprehension and listening pleasure.

“She Knows” – Lyrics


she gazes through the glass
tears streaming down
lost in her emotions as
she’s homeward bound

standing on the platform
the door starts to close
she takes a deep breath
she already knows

ran through the woods
down by the creek
playing in their innocence
both afraid to speak

two shy kids alone together
where you going to stand
the brother never loved her


the story stays the same
history repeating
we need someone to thank
somewhere you start believing


you can’t drown its demons
they come from within
she knows its reasons
the chances are slim

people can change
in time he’ll have grown
won’t stay the same
she already knows

won’t stay the same
she already knows

won’t stay the same
we already know

Chorus (x2)

Written and performed by:

  • TaeKeira Jackson ’16, Music Performance – vocals
  • Sakorey Fuller ’17, Music Business – vocals
  • Elise Calouri ’17, Music Education – clarinet
  • Justice Smith ’18, Music Performance – flute
  • Criston Oates ’15, ’16, Mass Communication, Music – drums, bass
  • Joel Pacheco ’15, ’16, Music Education, MS Education – piano
  • Steve Riccio ’16, Music Performance – guitar
  • Professor Dave Hart (www.hartmusic.com) – guitar and producer