Welcome Back Weekend Leaves Behind “Mystery in the Knight”

Welcome Back Weekend Leaves Behind “Mystery in the Knight”

UB’s history is becoming more and more a mystery in recent months. Our latest treasure from the past? Our very own Knight in Shining Armor who appeared on campus without warning, without a message, and without any purple garment at all.

Who is he and what does he have to say for himself?

“We don’t know anything,” says Juan Fuentes of Building and Grounds. “He just showed up after Welcome Back Weekend. Not a clue. We couldn’t tell you why.”

George Estrada, Vice President of Facilities, has a theory. He believes it’s a prank one alum is playing on another – just in time for Halloween. But he really doesn’t know.

“It’s a mystery in the Knight,” Estrada admits. “The way I look at this, someone else has a better explanation than me.”

Whoever he is and whatever his message, the decidedly un-Purple Knight now startles Kyle Buckley, Secretary for the Design and Music Department, just about every day. At 8-foot tall, he stands “guard” in the lobby at the Arnhold Bernhard Center where she sits, and where he has made himself at home after the October 9 – 11 weekend of festivities.

“I originally saw him outside on the patio on Iranstan Avenue,” Buckley recalls. “And then the next day I saw him inside, in the lobby. So I guess he just walked in! He scares me every time I walk by. You don’t expect to see a person standing there. (I know he’s not a person, but you don’t realize it when you come around the corner!)”

Buckley has her theory too. She believes the Knight came for alumni weekend and someone just forgot to take him home.

“I figured whoever put him there would come and get him,” Buckley adds. But it hasn’t happened yet.

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