Phi Kappa Phi Graduation Photo Contest – Vote Today!

Phi Kappa Phi Graduation Photo Contest – Vote Today!

Phi Kappa Phi (PKP) is an honor society one million strong, celebrating excellence in academics and integrity of character. A global network of upperclassmen in the top 7.5-10% of their class, members represent top scholars and professionals from every discipline imaginable. What unites them, according to the Phi Kappa Phi website, are “achievements worthy of celebration: academic work of extraordindary quality, exemplary leadership, and research that advances human knowledge.”

And now our very own Chibuike Chikezie won third place in the PKP Spring 2015 Graduation Photo Contest (see winning photo on the right). Photos were selected from 200 submissions of 2015 graduates wearing PKP recognition apparel on their big day.

UBecome reached out to Chibuike to learn more.


1 What Brought You To The University Of Bridgeport From Nigeria?

I decided to come to the University of Bridgeport for my Masters in Biomedical Engineering because UB is one of the most culturally diverse schools in the U.S., with one of the best and biggest engineering graduate schools in New England.

2 What Doors Have Opened For You At UB?

I had the great opportunity of working as a Graduate Assistant for the International Student Services at UB. It was terrific working with students that came from around the world and helping to organize many events and programs for them, like coffee hours, talent shows, immigration meetings, and International Student Festivals. I met a lot of people, improved myself personally, and always loved working with the wonderful staff in our office.

3 How Did You Hear Of Phi Kappa Phi And Why Did You Want To Become A Member?

Edina Oestreicher, the Dean of Students (very wonderful personality!) sent me the invitation to join in the mail. I did my research and found that it was a huge, rare, and wonderful opportunity to join a group of people who are in the highest level of academics, and of society in general. I was initiated as a member of PKP on May 8, 2015.

4 Have You Found Value As A PKP Member? What Prompted You To Participate In The Photo Contest?

PKP gave me an extra push for my thesis defense at the American Society of Engineering Education (ASEE) Conference in Boston, Mass. I ended up getting an Academic Merit Award from UB’s School of Engineering and an Honorable Mention Award for my Student Poster at the ASEE conference. I am very confident that there are lots more goodies on the way by God’s grace :-).

I decided to participate in PKP’s Photo Contest because I wasn’t sure if anyone else from UB would be showing representation, and I wanted to make sure we have a UB PKP pic in there. Another reason is that picture is “cool” (according to my family and friends!).