The Ernest C. Trefz School of Business announces new MBA concentration in Analytics Intelligence

The Ernest C. Trefz School of Business at the University of Bridgeport has expanded its MBA program and will offer a new concentration in Analytics Intelligence starting in the fall 2015.

The new one-year track provides candidates with a foundational understanding of capturing, analyzing and then leveraging data that are invaluable to developing game-changing business strategies.

“Every day, companies engage millions of programmers to capture data, but they can’t find candidates who can explain how to leverage that data to transform their businesses,” said Trefz School Dean Lloyd Gibson. “We’ll satisfy their need by empowering students to manage and engage with complex data to draw incisive conclusions and defend them with confidence.”

The MBA Analytics Intelligence Program will be led by Mike Lohle, Ph.D, a senior lecturer at the Trefz School of Business. Lohle spent 26 years in the financial services, insurance, IT services, pharmaceutical, and consumer-product industries. A certified Project Management Professional (PMP) experienced with all aspects of information technology, his specialty is delivering large-enterprise intelligence and analytics solutions for major corporations. His work is published in several peer reviewed journals and he has presented at multiple conferences.

“Analytics Intelligence an extremely hot field right now due to demand in the marketplace. That’s why we made it a priority to reach out to senior leaders at a variety of Fortune 500, midsize, and start-up companies for input into the development of the program,” said Lohle. “The concentration is a direct response to industry need.”


The Analytic Intelligence concentration builds upon the Trefz School of Business M.B.A. curriculum and consists of three courses that can be easily completed in one year:

  • Enterprise Intelligence and Decision Support provides a managerial overview of the business drivers and critical success factors for the effective delivery of enterprise intelligence solutions.
  • Technical Foundation in Enterprise Intelligence and Analytics provides a working knowledge of enterprise intelligence technical tools via hands on work.
  • Foundation in Advanced Analytics provides in depth understanding of sophisticated business analytics methods and applications.

Key Terms

  • Enterprise Intelligence refers to the tools and techniques that encompass data capture, storage, transformation and presentation.
  • Analytics refers to a subset of Enterprise Intelligence focused on working with large, complex data sets using sophisticated mathematical algorithms to spot trends.


Faculty with over 60 years’ of combined experience will teach Analytics Intelligence concepts that are applicable to all business functions and industries, for limitless application. In particular, graduates will be prepared to apply their skills in:

  • Operations, finance, sales, marketing, human resources or any other business function
  • Health care, insurance, consumer products, manufacturing, financial services, professional services or any other industry.

Please visit the Trefz School for more information or to apply online for the MBA concentration in Analytics Intelligence.

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