UB Awarded $18,500 from Connecticut Space Grant College Consortium

Two faculty members and a computer science undergraduate student at the University of Bridgeport have received combined awards of approximately $18,500 from the Connecticut Space Grant College Consortium to support their work in Earth and Space Science (ESS).

Dr. Nelson Ngoh, Associate Professor of Science Education in the Graduate School of Education, was awarded a STEM Education Research Grant of $7,433.

His educational research study will survey Connecticut K-12 science coordinators to identify concerns related to teaching ESS under the new Next Generation Science Standards and the challenges and steps which can be taken to increase Earth and Space Science instruction in grades K-12 within Connecticut.

“The research results can serve as a needs assessment and a logistic map/strategy to increase Earth and Space Science K-12 education and relevant professional development in Connecticut,” commented Dr. Ngoh.

Dr. Neal Lewis, Associate Professor of Technology Management, was awarded a $6,000 Seed Money Grant.

Lewis’s team is developing a small robotic puppet monkey named Ham (for High Altitude Monkey) intended to fly on a high-altitude balloon.

“The robot will be used to engage young students as they learn Earth and Space Science.  The grant supports the work of our multidisciplinary team from technology management, mechanical engineering, computer science and engineering and industrial design in this novel outreach project,” said Dr. Lewis.

Mohammad El-Abid, a senior in Computer Science, received a $5,000 directed scholarship.  El-Abid is a member of Dr. Lewis’s robot project team, assisting in the analysis of the high altitude survivability of the robot’s components as well as the programming of the small robot’s movements.

“We are once again grateful to the Connecticut Space Grant College Consortium’s continued sponsorship of UB student and faculty research in support of NASA’s mission,” noted Dr. Jani Macari Pallis, UB’s Space Grant director.

Media contact: Leslie Geary, (203) 576-4625, lgeary@bridgeport.edu