UB at the NEPSA

UB at the NEPSA

by Leanne Lily Coelho ’16, Graduate Assistant to the Dean of CPIA

The New England Political Science Association (NEPSA) is the registered chapter of the American Political Science Association. The NEPSA convention will be held in Vermont at New Haven this year. Six students from the University of Bridgeport’s College of Public and International Affairs submitted their papers or proposals for this year’s event, and all were were accepted.

The students who will be presenting this year are:

  • Janaina Bordignon, M.A., Global Development and Peace
  • Martina Santina, M.A., Global Development and Peace
  • Rebecca Bruckenstein, M.A., Global Development and Peace
  • Marissa Gambardella, M.A., Global Development and Peace
  • Mohammad Haq, M.A., Global Development and Peace
  • Mai Malkawi, M.A., Global Media and Communication Studies
  • Simona Serban, M.A., Global Media and Communication Studies

All of the papers are co-authored by Dr. Mohammad Al Azdee, Assistant Professor of Mass Communications.

Dr. Dave Benjamin, Associate Professor of Global Development and chair of the Global Development and Peace program, remarked that, “Considering the fact that it is not very difficult for faculty members or PhD students to have their papers accepted and quite a task to have a paper from a master’s student accepted says so much about the standards that UB is helping the students achieve.”