Taiwan’s Recent Municipal Elections and Their Significance

Taiwan’s Recent Municipal Elections and Their Significance

Dr. Yanmin Yu, Chair of the University of Bridgeport’s Communications Department, delivered the Spring Foreign Language lecture in her native Mandarin on Monday, April 6, 2015 to kick off International Festival Week 2015. The finale of the week’s series of activities, films, lectures and international food will be the Saturday, April 12th International Festival’s entertainment program.

In her presentation, Dr. Yu reminded her audience that in Fall 2014, Taiwan’s ruling Kuomintang (KMT) Party suffered a devastating defeat at the hands of the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) and Independents in the November 2014 elections.

Dr. Yu, who was an official observer of the election, said that neither the good looks, nor unlimited financial resources, nor the youth of Kuomintang candidates could trump the message of the DPP and Independent candidates in this election. The DPP spent only about half what Kuomintang did in its advertising campaign.

Dr. Yu credited the DPP victory to declining living standards under the KMT, rising property costs, unemployment, KMT elitism, and the KMT’s inability to reach the youth with its message.

Dr. Yu spoke in Chinese and Wei Cui and Jingping Fang, two graduate students in Global Media and Communication Studies, translated into English. Dr. Yu was introduced in Chinese by Jeanette Smith, a graduate student in East Asian and Pacific Rim Studies.