The 2015 Alumni Art Show

The 2015 Alumni Art Show

On Thursday, March 12, 2015, alumni, friends, and family gathered for the opening reception of the Fourth Annual Alumni Art Show. The art show was open to the public from March 12-23.

“The UB Alumni Art Show just celebrated its fourth year, returning to the spacious and inspiring Schelfhaudt Art Gallery,” said Aimee Marcella, Director of Alumni Relations, who organized the show. “The annual event features the talent of our alumni via multiple mediums – from oil paintings and charcoal sketches, to tapestries and sculpture, to photography and portraiture. All types of artists were invited to express themselves, and the result was a show that truly encompassed a broad collection of work.”

“The University of Bridgeport is a place where you can meet and experience many different people from many different cultures, which, along with the amazing staff/coaches, is a great learning experience,” said Drew Miller ’07, who graduated from the UB’s Shintaro Akatsu School of Design with a BFA in Graphic Design. “This was my first year showing at the UB Alumni Art Show. I saw a lot of amazing artwork and met a lot of inspiring people.” Two of his pieces were selected for the art show: “Novak” (pictured above, behind Miller’s family snapshot) and “Sam,” the latter a portrait of his wife.

Al “Coyote” Weiner, who took creative writing classes at the University of Bridgeport in the 1990’s, also showcased his work for the first time this year. “I love seeing my work on the walls,” he said. “I showed four pieces and could have showed 24!”

“What I love about this event is the positive energy these returning artists bring to campus, as well as celebrating our rich history of art and design here at UB,” adds Marcella.

For those who missed the art show, see the photos below to learn more.