Peruse the Variety of Research Conducted by UB Faculty and Students

Peruse the Variety of Research Conducted by UB Faculty and Students
A diversity of research topics provides a one-of-a-kind “smorgasbord” to satisfy the scholarly appetite.
The 2014 Faculty Research Day saw an increase in participation, with 124 posters submitted in four categories: Faculty Competitive, Faculty Non-Competitive, Graduate Student (Competitive), and Undergraduate Student (Competitive). Faculty submitted 46 posters, including 33 Non-Competitive and 13 Competitive.

The Ernest C. Trefz School of Business had the most Faculty Posters submitted, with 12 Non-Competitive posters and two Competitive posters, one of which was selected as a winning Faculty poster, created by Dr. Congsheng Wu. The School of Engineering produced the largest number of student submissions with 50 graduate and one undergraduate poster, and there was an increase in student participation from other schools, including:

  • Arts and Sciences (8 UG)
  • Chiropractic College (1 G)
  • College of Public and International Affairs (4 UG, 5 G)
  • Shintaro Akatsu School of Design (4 UG, 4 G)

There were 77 student posters submitted overall, a nine-poster increase over the 2013 submissions, including an eight-poster increase in the undergraduate student category. A fifth submission category for Ph.D. and other doctoral students has been added for the 2015 competition.

The annual event, which showcases faculty and student research, consists of a morning poster session, followed by a keynote speech, lunch with breakout sessions, afternoon poster talks by selected faculty, and an awards reception in conclusion. The 2014 keynote speaker, Carly Price, an independent design consultant, delivered a presentation on “Research in Human-Centered Design and Innovation,” followed by a question and answer period.

The afternoon schedule included lunchtime breakout sessions and afternoon poster talks presented by selected faculty from psychology, medical laboratory science, chiropractic, mass communication, composition, industrial design, global development and peace, business, education, counseling, and engineering. Participants and attendees closed out the day with the awards ceremony and wine and cheese reception.