Lillian Nash Reception, December 17, 2014

Lillian Nash Reception, December 17, 2014

On Wednesday, December 17, 2014, the UB community gathered to pay tribute to Lillian Nash, Executive Assistant to the Provost, for 30+ years of service at the University of Bridgeport. Faculty, staff, family, and well wishers from across campus gathered at the Schelfhaudt Art Gallery to wish Lillian all the best in the years ahead.

“[Lillian]’s the person who it didn’t matter how much time it took, it didn’t matter what time she went home…she understood what the responsibility was…[and she was] always cheerful. If Lillian ever had a bad day, I wouldn’t have known about it because she didn’t show it. That means a lot, because we’re all coping with a lot….[and sometimes] it’s harder to maintain good cheer but she always did. That helped other people put their best foot forward. Lillian is a treasure…and I think it’s a fitting tribute that so many people made time to come this evening, and I would hope that other people will come over to tell her family or to tell her what her service has meant. The University has gotten where it is and survived what it has because of the people who work here. We’re going to do what has to be done and we’re going to do it well. She’s a perfect example of that, and I thank you.”

— Neil A. Salonen, President


“For reasons not entirely clear to me, [Lillian] plans to take her life back, and at the end of this year she will retire from UB … 1985 is when she began. It’s an important thing. A lot of people who work here who leave, who consider this just a place of employ, do a good job to be sure, earn their salaries, but very few actually internalize the University of Bridgeport like Lillian did. She bleeds purple, she always has. I have heard people on occasion say something negative about the University to her. She immediately strikes back. She won’t tolerate it. She will not. We are a lonelier place without her.”

— Hans van der Giessen, Ph.D., Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs


“This plaque is given to Lillian Melendez Nash in appreciation of her years of enthusiastic service in the employ of the University of Bridgeport upon the occasion of her retirement. The University is a better place because you were here.”




“I came to UB for one reason, to educate my son, and I stayed for a whole other reason – and you’re it. I fell in love and I got so much from all of you … Every day was new, every day was special, even through the difficult times … I have memories of all of you. And they come in little snapshots when I need them. When I’m having a bad day, or I just need a little something, and I have a memory, you know?”And I want to talk about the service we extend to each other. We’re here for a common purpose. We’re here to help each other. We’re here to educate the students and we’re here to help them succeed. They leave with the best memories. We give individual service to each student. Hans expects that but you know what, we all expect that … The service we extend to each other we get back three-fold. We are made better for it. This is what you have done for me. And I thank you.”I have been very blessed. I was born into a large family, I married into a large family, and I’m blessed to be part of the UB family. You are my family. Thank you for sharing this special time with me. I’ll never forget you.”

— Lillian Nash, Executive Assistant to the Provost