Physician Assistant Institute Students Volunteer In Health Fair At City Hall

PAI Students Volunteer In Health Fair At City Hall

On October 6, 2014, UB students from the Physician Assistant Institute (PAI) joined more than 300 others PA students at The Today Show to support National PA Week. Under the supervision of Dr. Daniel Cervonka, Director of the Physician Assistant Institute and Associate Professor of Health Sciences, and Dr. Medeia Tsnobiladze, Assistant Clinical Director and Assistant Professor, the students participated in a Health Fair at City Hall. They provided blood pressure screening and education in the form of a breast screening and health brochure designed and distributed by fourth-year naturopathic student Katie Stahl.

“Attending The Today Show with PA programs across the Northeast was a celebration of our profession and what it has become,” says Bryan Jennings, Class of 2016 President, “and we hope it will be an annual event going forward.”