UB Engineering’s Jani Pallis awarded by Connecticut Space Grant College Consortium for “significantly” increasing campus involvement in NASA-allied projects

University of Bridgeport (UB) professor Jani Macari Pallis has been named Campus Director of the Year by the Connecticut Space Grant Consortium (CSGC) after significantly increasing the number of UB students and faculty working on applied aerospace projects that support NASA initiatives.

Pallis, an associate professor of mechanical engineering, is the CSCG’s campus director at UB. In that role, she is responsible for promoting the consortium and its various programs to UB faculty and students.

The CSCG, in turn, awards NASA funding in order to expand participation by college and university students in NASA research programs.

In the past year, the CSCG has awarded $67,500 to UB students and faculty, thanks to Pallis’s efforts, said CSCG Thomas Filburn.

Filburn also credited Pallis for “significantly” increasing the number of UB students and faculty who’ve recently became involved with the CSCG

“Jani has done an exemplary job. She’s gotten UB students involved, helped the CSCG connect with the Discovery Museum [in Bridgeport], and got a wonderful speaker for our annual symposium, thanks to her contacts within the aerospace industry,” Filburn said.

Under Pallis’s leadership this spring, for instance, UB was selected with partner institutions to design and build a small cube-shaped satellite for NASA that will collect dust and other debris from space.

Prior to coming to UB, Pallis founded Cislunar Aerospace, Inc., an engineering and research firm, where she was CEO.  She also coordinated technology and lead research and development for NASA, the Department of Energy, the U.S. Air Force, Daimler Benz, and Quantum Parachutes, and other institutions.
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