Lune de Miel by poet and UB senior lecturer Amy Nawrocki now available from Finishing Line Press

Lune de Miel by poet and UB senior lecturer Amy Nawrocki now available from Finishing Line Press

Lune de Miel, the latest chapbook by Amy Nawrocki, an award-winning poet and senior lecturer at the University of Bridgeport, is now available for pre-publication purchase from Finishing Line Press ( and will be released on August 31.

Filled with descriptions of Paris as seen and experienced by two honeymooners, Lune de Miel was inspired by Nawrocki’s own honeymoon to the City of Light in 2008 with her husband, the writer Eric Lehman, who also teaches at UB’s English Department.

“We made a point of following the footsteps of artists and writers who had gone before us [and] we took time to write every day,” says Nawrocki. “I always keep a travel journal, but I knew I wanted to get a collection of Paris poetry out of it.”

That trip—with its pilgrimages to landmarks and great art, and exploratory meanderings through the avenues and bars of Montparnasse, the Latin Quarter, and other locales favored by writers Ernest Hemingway, James Joyce, Anais Nin, and Henry Miller—does not unfurl in Lune de Miel in the frenzied swirl of action one typically associates with travel. Instead, Nawrocki’s poems are filled with detail that is evocative and almost holy.

“My husband closes his book; we leave on the table / a handprint of coins and a pocket of space,” writes Nawrocki in “History of a Table,” a poem that was inspired after spending writing in a bar where Henry Miller once drank.

Or later, as the honeymooners wander out to see the Eiffel Tower in “The Price”:
Small puffs of tea-light clouds succumb to blue,
collect like posies and rebuff the Paris cold.
We tumble out from the red café, two fools
on honeymoon, and with afternoon golding
into evening,

we clasp hands and escape
toward the Seine.

Says Nawrocki, “Writing for me is akin to taking a photograph. You can capture a place visually, and often emotionally, by writing.  You slow down.”

About Amy Nawrocki: A native of Newton, CT, Nawrocki earned a B.A. from Sarah Lawrence College and an M.F.A. from the University of Arkansas. Her poetry has won numerous awards including the Phi Kappa Phi Forum Poetry Contest and the Litchfield Review Writing Contest. Her chapbook Potato Eaters was a Finalist for the Codhill Poetry Chapbook Award. Her work has been featured in SNReview, Gastronomica, The Newtowner, Verdad Magazine, The Battered Suitcase, and Connecticut Food and Wine. She is also the author of two works of non-fiction, coauthored with her husband and UB English professor Eric D. Lehman: A History of Connecticut Wine: Vineyard in Your Backyard and A History of Connecticut Food.

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