Continuing eight-year victory streak, UB teams win latest round of the Connecticut Stock Market Challenge

Certain unnamed bankers making news headlines these days may want to get advice from a team of University of Bridgeport MBA students who recently won the Connecticut Stock Market Game by beating the market by nearly 14 percent.

Team members Krzyszstof Wilk, Yemao He, and Zhu Wang turned a hypothetical $100,000 into $116,882.68 between February 21 and April 27, when the Stock Market Game was held. That was 13.87 percent better than the S+P 500, the benchmark index of the overall market.

The Stock Market Game is sponsored by the SIFMA Foundation for Investor Education, a nonprofit organization, which invites teams of students to invest a hypothetical $100,000 over a ten-week period. The game is held each fall and spring.

The trio’s victory over nine other teams continues an unbroken winning streak for UB, whose students have won first place at the Stock Market Challenge since 2004.

Wilk and his team invested heavily in Apple, said team adviser and business professor Steven Rashba. “They also rode out the storm of volatility when Apple’s stock moved up and down dramatically.”

A second team from UB, Heran Xing and Le Sheng, also invested in Apple among other stocks and accumulated $113,099.71, outperforming the S+P 500 benchmark by 10.08 percent.

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