University of Bridgeport announces new Soares Institute for Neuroscience and Education

Dr. Louise M. Soares, a former faculty member and department chairman of the University of Bridgeport School of Education, has pledged $180,000 to UB for the creation of the Soares Institute for Neuroscience and Education (SINE).

SINE will enable students, teachers, and researchers to study neuroscience through education by providing them with access to original research instruments, open-access journals and publications, thousands of searchable databases, and research studies in the field of neuroscience at national and international conferences and symposia.

The Institute also will feature a Hamamatsu Tomography Cap, a cutting-edge research instrument that enables researchers to physically map the brain’s neural activity. Functional mapping of the human brain is an important aspect of cognitive neuroscience for the study of brain organization and development. The tomography cap is a more useful tool than traditional scanner technology, particularly in use with infants and young children.

Resources have been selected to support a spiral curriculum, building from the basics of neuroscientific information through the process, content, and interconnection of learning, as well as the measurement and assessment of learning.
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