Brain Tunnelgenix Technologies becomes the first tenant at CTech IncUBator@University of Bridgeport

Bridgeport, CT — CTech IncUBator@University of Bridgeport today announced that Brain Tunnelgenix Technologies Corp. (btt Corp.) has been accepted as the first tenant at its technology business incubator on the University of Bridgeport (UB) campus as of October 1.

Based on the groundbreaking discovery by Yale researcher Dr. Marc Abreu of the Brain Temperature Tunnel (BTT), a new thermal organ in the body, btt Corp. has developed revolutionary technology that promises to transform human temperature measurement.

For the first time in history, btt Corp. makes it possible for brain and core temperature to be noninvasively and continuously monitored, the same as other vital signs — heart rate, blood pressure and respiratory rate.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration recently approved the company’s first product, the Abreu btt 700 System for continuous temperature monitoring. The Abreu BTT 700 System sensor is approved for placement on the skin and to be used during surgical procedures, recovery room, intensive care and general patient monitoring.

“We are honored and very excited to become the first tenant at the new CTech IncUBator@ University of Bridgeport,” said Rick Foreman, Chief Executive Officer of btt Corp. “We look forward to drawing upon their unique resources, particularly their top notch engineering students and faculty from the university with the largest number of graduate engineering students in Connecticut. This partnership can have a powerful effect on the future success of btt Corp. as we continue to harness the best of biology to create the best of technology.”

“We are delighted to welcome btt Corp. to the new CTech IncUBator@University of Bridgeport and look forward to supporting and furthering their revolutionary work and cutting-edge medical technology,” said Dr. Gad Selig, Associate Dean, Business Development and Outreach at UB and also a member of the CTech IncUBator Advisory Council. “Our facility can become a focal point for the many early-stage technology businesses and entrepreneurs based in Fairfield County, providing them with an excellent opportunity to benefit from the expertise we have available on campus and through our external subject matter expert sponsor network.”

The 2,400 square-foot space on the UB campus will house technology ventures interested in commercializing technology in the information technology, medical technology, digital media, advanced materials, clean technology and other technology industry sectors. Tenants will be able to tap into the strong business relationships and expertise of the incubator’s partners and will have access to a host of resources and services, such as state-of-the art conference facilities, exceptional student interns and world-class faculty.

The UB campus is an ideal location because of its proximity to transportation hubs, capital resources and more well-established businesses upon whom the incubator will rely on to provide experts and mentors to its tenants.

About Brain Tunnelgenix Technologies
Brain Tunnelgenix Technologies Corp. (btt Corp.) has developed revolutionary technology that promises to transform human temperature measurement. Offering the first advance in modern thermometry in 300 years, btt Corp. now makes it possible for human brain and core temperature to be noninvasively and continuously monitored, the same as other vital signs — heart rate, blood pressure and respiratory rate. The company’s technologies are protected by a multi-million dollar investment in patents, with more than 60 patents and patent applications in the U.S. and more than 40 other countries, representing 85 percent of the world’s purchasing power. For more information, please visit

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About Connecticut’s CTech Incubators
Connecticut Innovations, in partnership with Yale University, LaunchCapital and the United Illuminating Co., spearheaded the launch of the first CTech technology business incubator in October 2008 as part of CI’s Pre-Seed Support Services Program. This New Haven incubator is located at Science Park at Yale University. CTech IncUBator@University of Bridgeport is the second CTech incubator to open in Connecticut. CI directs the activities of CTech IncUBator in partnership with founding sponsors, the University of Bridgeport and The United Illuminating Company. A third CTech incubator opened its doors this summer on the University of Connecticut Health Center campus in Farmington, Conn. For more information on CTech IncUBator@University of Bridgeport, please visit

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