Twenty-seven employees to receive Distinguished Service Awards from the University of Bridgeport

Twenty-seven employees to receive Distinguished Service Awards from the University of Bridgeport

Soon after he began teaching geology at the University of Bridgeport 40 years ago, a student approached Dr. John Nicholas and asked him why he called himself a doctor when he didn’t treat patients.

“I explained to her that I had earned a PhD in geology. Her response was, ‘So you’re a doctor of rocks,’” recalls Nicholas. “She called me ‘Doc Rock.’”

The name stuck.

On Thursday, April 8, “Doc Rock” as he has been affectionately called by his students for the past four decades, will join 26 other professors, administrators, and staffers who are as equally familiar on campus to receive Distinguished Service Awards for their service to UB.

“A University’s greatest asset is its people. This annual event pays tribute to the men and women who through their dedication to UB have contributed not only to its academics but also have inspired life on campus and shaped the University’s distinctive sense of community,” said President Neil Albert Salonen.

The Distinguished Service Award Ceremony will be held from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. in the Gallery at the Arnold Bernhard Arts and Humanities Center. To attend, please call 576-4511 or e-mail by April 6.

This year’s award recipients are:


  • Christine T. Arbogast-Woolard, Associate Dean and Clinic Director, College of Chiropractic
  • Thomas A. DeBrizzi, Accounting Director, Administration and Finance
  • Larry Eaddy, Housekeeper, Buildings and Grounds
  • Khaled M. Elleithy, Associate Dean, School of Engineering
  • Eleonore M. Herschberger, Senior Lecturer, College of Naturopathic Medicine
  • Cindy Hopkins, Dispatcher, Security
  • William Jassey, Director, International Programs, School of Education
  • Robert Kasparek, Housekeeper, Buildings and Grounds
  • Mark E. Mattie, Associate Professor, College of Naturopathic Medicine
  • Ricardo Olivares, Retail Manager, Dining Services
  • Brian S. Quinn, Head Coach, Men’s Soccer
  • Yvrose Romulus, Academic Adviser, IDEAL, School of Continuing Education and Professional Studies
  • Asaad Samaan, Director, Conn Cap Program, School of Education
  • Patricia A. Sampieri, Internship and Co-Op Assistant, Fashion Merchandising, School of Business


  • Henry E. Brown, Patrol Officer, Security
  • Rafael A. Gonzalez, Senior Patrol Officer, Security
  • Marcia H. Lorentzen, Director of Clinical Affairs, Fones School of Dental Hygiene
  • Ausif Mahmood, Professor, Computer Science and Engineering
  • James Melita, Carpenter, Buildings and Grounds
  • Roxie L. Ray, Director, First Year Studies and Academic Resource Center


  • Richard C. Harper, Director and Professor, MOD MAP, School of Education
  • Susan J. Kristie, School Administrative Manager, School of Engineering
  • Donna T. Phillips, Senior Lecturer, Counseling and Human Resources
  • Melville Riley, Recreation Supervisor, Wheeler Recreation Center


  • Dixie J. Eaton, Supervisor, Office of the Bursar, Student Administrative Services


  • Michael J. Autuori, Professor, School of Arts and Sciences
  • John Nicholas, Professor, School of Arts and Sciences

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