AAER/NAER establishes grant in honor of professor John Mulcahy

AAER/NAER establishes grant in honor of professor John Mulcahy

The Association for the Advancement of Education Research and National Academy for Education Research (AAER/NAER) has honored business and education professor John Mulcahy by establishing an award in his name.

Mulcahy is the Dana Professor of Educational Leadership at the School of Education, where he directs the Doctor of Education Program. He also is a senior professor at the School of Education and a senior professor of management at the School of Business.

The Dr. John W. Mulcahy Award for Doctoral Research will be presented annually to a graduate student who has completed a doctoral dissertation that “exemplifies outstanding research.” The first award will be given at the AAER/NAER conference in November 2010.

“The award is given in recognition of Dr. Mulcahy’s years of service and contributions to AAER/NAER, his outstanding research and scholarship in the education profession, and his excellence in his years of schooling,” said AAER Executive Director Dr. Mervin Lynch.

University Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs Michael Spitzer called the award “a significant honor for Professor Mulcahy and for the University of Bridgeport, as it acknowledges Jack’s career-long excellence in research, scholarship, and teaching.”
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