tim dorr

Timothy Dorr

Senior Lecturer of Information Systems, School of Business

Mandeville Hall, Room 313

Dr. Dorr is an active researcher in the areas of applied statistical methods relating to predictive modeling. To date, two of his quantitative studies—building a third-degree polynomial predictive model using advanced Excel tools and more recently his work in demonstrating the use of R programming language in a predictive modeling process have each been published in The International Journal of Management and Innovation. He has presented papers at Columbia University and the ACBSP university business accreditation council.

Dr. Dorr holds a Doctorate in Information Technology from the School of Advanced Studies at the University of Phoenix, a Master of Science in Mathematics with a concentration in statistical applications from Fairfield University, an MBA from Columbia University and a Bachelors in marketing research from the University of Oregon.

Dr. Dorr’s move into academia follows a 30+ year career in global business. He has held positions as Chief Marketing Officer and Chief Information Officer within global corporations, technology startups and turn-arounds. During his career he has also launched several new products and business ventures.

In addition to his normal teaching load Dr. Dorr travels to China in December and June to teach two four-week intensive undergraduate courses in statistics and accounting at one of the University of Bridgeport’s affiliated Chinese universities. This program is six years old. Dr. Dorr was the initial professor that launched this program in 2013.

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