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Ryan McCulloch

Associate Professor Counseling & Psychology, College of Arts and Sciences

Charles A. Dana Hall 141

Dr. Ryan McCulloch received his Ph.D. in mathematics from Binghamton University in 2014. After spending a year at SUNY Oswego as Visiting Assistant Professor, he joined the University of Bridgeport faculty in 2015 at the rank of Assistant Professor. His area of expertise is in abstract algebra, in particular finite group theory.


Ph.D. in Mathematics, SUNY Binghamton


Courses Taught:
MATH 203: Elementary Statistics
MATH 110: Calculus I
MATH 112: Calculus II
MATH 214: Linear Algebra
MATH 215: Calculus III
MATH 227/CPSC 227: Discrete Structures
MATH 319: Introduction to the Theory of Numbers
MATH 200: Co-Op Work Experience
MATH 323: Probability and Statistics I
MATH 324: Probability and Statistics II
MATH 391: Modern Algebra
MATH 399: Modern Algebra II
MATH 399: Topology
EDMM 677: STEM for Teacher Educators (co-taught with Profs. Ngoh, Pallis & Badara)


R. McCulloch, Chermak-Delgado simple groups, Communications in Algebra, 45, no. 3, pg. 983-997, 2017; R. McCulloch, Finite groups with a trivial Chermak-Delgado subgroup, Journal of Group Theory, doi: 10.1515/jgth-2017-0042.  (December, 2017)

R. McCulloch, M. Tărnăuceanu, Two classes of finite groups whose Chermak-Delgado lattice is a chain of length zero, Communications in Algebra, doi: 10.1080/00927872.2017.140490. (December, 2017)