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Linda Wagner


Associate Professor of Nursing

Health Sciences Center

Dr. Wagner came to the University of Bridgeport in 2015 from Central Connecticut State University where she was a tenured Full Professor. She was the Chairperson of the Department of Nursing from 2008-2013 where she provided leadership for curriculum development and implementation of the new BSN program. Since arriving at the University of Bridgeport, she has provided leadership as the Associate Dean for the RN/BSN program and most recently as the Associate Dean of the BSN program.

Dr. Wagner has 30 years of experience teaching undergraduate and graduate nursing students. While her clinical background is in child health, she has facilitated several community engagement activities and partnerships in the community and local school systems over the years. With a strong interest in global health, she worked collaboratively with another colleague at CCSU to establish a course abroad to Jamaica, taking students for a family/ community health trip for five years in a row. As the Associate Dean of the BSN program at UB, she has continued that interest and initiated a course abroad to the Pecs, Hungary. Dr. Wagner has experience teaching family theory, leadership and synthesis courses for BSN, RN to BSN and MSN students.

She has presented her research at the national and international level on stigma tool development and stigma in Sickle Cell Disease, as well as other studies on transitions and vulnerable populations. Other areas of research include leadership development for nursing students and the outcomes of taking nursing students on global health experiences. Her most recent research explores the experience of parents whose children are transgender.


EdD, Educational Leadership, University of Hartford; MSN, Nursing of Children, University of Pennsylvania; BSN, Western Connecticut State University


Courses Taught:
FYS 101, NURS 328


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October 1996 “Caring and Leadership in Female Baccalaureate Nursing Students: A Group Process Experience.” Paper Presentation at “Making Connections:  Communication in Nursing” Conference, East Stroudsburg, PA.


Honors and Awards:
Honor Roll for Central Connecticut State University, Outstanding Teacher Award, 2013
Nightingale Award for Excellence in Nursing, Hartford, CT, 201Terry Bosworth Global Nursing Award, Sigma
Theta Tau, Iota Upsilon-chapter-at-large, 2014


2015 CCSU Faculty Development Grant. “The Power of Story.” Awarded $1300.00 2012 Program Administrator for CCSU site, Capital Workforce Partners, “Healthcare Careers Project.”

2012 CCSU Faculty Development Grant. “Achieving Academic Success in Nursing, Part II.”  Awarded $1500.00

2011 CCSU Faculty Development Grant. “Achieving Academic Success in Nursing.”   Awarded $2000.00

2011 CCSU Summer Curriculum Development Grant. “There’s an app for that: Hand-held devices in nursing education.” Awarded $2000.00

2010  CCSU Community Engagement Grant. “Undergraduate Nursing and Social Work student engagement with underserved high school students at the Opportunity High School, Hartford, CT: Helping urban youth: the physical, social and emotional challenges.” S. Bochain, L. Wagner, P. Hensley. Awarded $2750.00

2009 CCSU Summer Curriculum Grant. “Bridging the Gap: A summer program of academic and social support for a diverse cohort of local nursing students during their transition from high school to university education.” L. Wagner and S. Bochain. Awarded $2600.00

2009 CCSU Faculty Development Grant. “Technology: Transforming Nursing Education.” $1500.00 awarded to attend AACN Hot Issues Technology conference

2008 CCSU Summer Curriculum Grant “Caring and Community: Service Learning in  Nursing.” Awarded $1600.00

2008 CCSU UBPC Grant. “Promoting Community Engagement through an Interdisciplinary Family Health Fair at Dr. James H. Naylor School in Hartford, CT.” S. Bochain, PI, L.Wagner, K. Riem, M. Voight, CO-PI. Awarded $5020.00.

2008 CSU AAUP University Research Grant. “Transition of chronic Illness: A metasynthesis.” Awarded $1800.00 2007  CSU AAUP University Research Grant. “Family Realities of Living with a chronic genetic condition: An exploration of transition, uncertainty, and stigma.”  Awarded $4200.00

2005   SCSU Faculty Development Grant. Wagner, L., Santavenere, O., Lacey, K. “Improving best practice in the SCSU     online RN/BSN program.”  Awarded $2000.00

2005  CSU AAUP University Research Grant recipient. “Transition Experiences in Young Women with Sickle Cell Disease.” Awarded $3290.00

2004   SCSU Assessment Grant, “Assessment of a part-time cohort of nursing students.” L. Wagner, S. Bochain, M. Glendon, Awarded $1500.00

2003  Grant awarded to attend North Carolina National Training Institute’s Training of  trainers in child care health consultation, October 2003, March 2004. Awarded $2000.00

2000  Saint Joseph College Technology grant to attend a 4-day workshop on "Designing Courses for the World Wide Web.” Indiana University, Awarded $1500.00

1995  Helene Fulde Grant for Nursing Learning Center, co-author, Awarded $25,000 for Department of Nursing, Saint Joseph College